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  1. Just hit 2.00 KDR, new goal is 2.25. Been loving this new class I've been using:

    SCAR silenced


    Scavenger Pro

    Stopping Power Pro

    Ninja Pro

    No need for cold blooded since the stringer takes care of any kill streak rewards. Bitches never no where I be hittin from with my silenced SCAR.

  2. I got it off ebay for like $1000, body and lens came together and they had both just been serviced so I got a pretty good deal. Camera is super dope though its from 1957 and in basically mint condition.


    And some more shots from the other day.




  3. This is probably my favorite game on xbox live right now. But yeah its full of fucking retards. What I did is whenever I played with someone that was competent and talked I would add them to my friends. Now I've got a pretty solid group of friends so whenever we all play together its rape.

    If anyone is on xbox live add me GT: JumboMinibar, I'm always down for versus or expert mode.

  4. Def need some of these for those large zombie hordes.


    Also what about a cruise ship? Like one that was just about to go out to sea so its fully stocked and shit. Just pilot it like a mile off shore and you would be good. A small group of people could live off a fully stocked cruise ship for pretty long time.

  5. This has probably already been mentioned but some sort of sportsmans/hunting super store would be perfect. Shit ton of guns and bullets, traps, knifes, 4 wheelers, etc...

    The water and freeze dried food could probably last you weeks and give you plenty of preparation time to move to a new spot with more food.

    Also they have that scent masking shit. Cover yourself in camo and the scent masking, fucking zombies probably wouldn't even know you were there.

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