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  1. Any recommendations for a good looking pair of techwear related running/trail running shoes? Less visible logos and subtle tones/less saturated colors would be ideal. I want something durable (I'm getting tired of ripping through running shoes in 1-2 years) that I can wear near daily for walking/hiking/biking/camping and looking decent day to day. 

  2. looking for a pair of everyday pants (black if possible) for $150-200 ish range. been thinking about a pair of outlier sd but i dont really like the front jean like pockets. can anyone recommend me some cool cargos/chinos?

    Outlier just released the Strongworks. Durable, tough wearing, more 'slacks' / 'dress' pant pocketing instead of the jean dungaree pockets. Not sure if that's what you'd want considering you're asking about cargos but also chinos...

  3. On the hunt again for a good hoodie for winter/fall. 



    -REALLY high neck zip. I'd like it if I zip it up and there's enough structure for it to cover my mouth or at least go up to my mouth and not just under my chin

    -slit pockets. if they zip up even better

    -double zipper on the body


    The old Nike tech fleece was pretty damn close, seems like the new season/release lost the zip up pockets for patch pockets. Are there any other hoodies I'm missing? 


    Looking for a layering piece, so really not trying to go into shell/jacket territory. Got plenty of those.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. anyone had experience with Baicyclon messenger bags?


    recently grabbed an ACR Interops jacket so looking for a cheaper alternative to a 3a messenger bag with a quick release feature to fully take advantage of the interops system. Any other quick release systems out there other than Baicyclon/Bagjack?


    Instead of the baicyclon messenger bag, I went with an OG bagjack bag. Hemmed and hawed before getting this bag since I wanted something a little more versatile than my old chrome messenger bag or freight backpack. I'm coming at this from a guy who runs hot/sweaty all the time and rides a bike almost everywhere. The bagjack is one of the best bags I've ever had in terms of finish and overall design. In terms of "quick release" - there's a lot of messenger bags that will do similar. Chrome of course with their seatbelt, Baileyworks, Archive bags. 


    The huge selling point for me with bagjack was the versatility for carrying. The strap(s) allow the bag to be slung down low, or way up high whether I'm wearing it as a messenger bag while riding, slinging it low at the hip for camera access/pedestrian mode, or even worn as a 'backpack' if I've managed to overload the bag. One thing I do regret about my bag was getting a carry handle (I got the big rubber handle) and sometimes I wish I got a slightly smaller size. I went with the arrowjack and sometimes wish I had a littlejack. Baicyclon bags look pretty much the same, just a little cheaper (now makes me wish I went with one of those)

  5. does anyone know about a safe, practical and nice looking helmet for biking downtown?


    i've been biking helmet-free for over a year in Paris now but several people i know having had accidents lately made me decide to become extra safer



    Never hurts to have a helmet. People can choose to not wear one and feel like that works. I however have been in 2 pretty high speed crashes (one coming down a hill at 35 miles an hour and one in a crit around 20 miles an hour) and managed to not have any brain damage. I'll wear a helmet for the 1 mile ride to work or my longer fun rides, always and forever.


    I used to be all about the Lazer Genesis. Also loved the Bell Atmos. Recently got a Catlike Whisper on sale and really love the look/ventilation. A lot of my roadie friends swear by Kask helmets for fit/ventilation.

  6. Nice! Thanks for the reply. 

    Anyone have similar recommendations to a sling/waist bag like this?


    Been wanting something I can shove a light layer into and a m4/3 camera. Maybe a bottle of water. Want it small and slingable. Water resistance/proofness is a nice to have, definitely want something that can go comfortably around the waist or around the shoulders, and must have some sort of flap access. Hate having to just zip/unzip all the time to get a camera out for a shot. Also wanna shy away from velcro in these situations. So basically I just want a nice looking camera bag that can be worn on the waist or the shoulder.

  7. Re: Russia = Techwear Mecca(?)
    Not really techwear related, but (to me) an interesting glimpse of the mentality or mindset of that hard/military aesthetic that I perceive as Russian. I guess if you're to relate it to aesthetics and cinema, it's more Mad Max than Blade Runner: 


    A fascinating watch for me as I have little to no knowledge of Russian politics or it's recent history/turmoil. I guess I find it funny to envision the dystopian future having "designed" or "tech" fabrics with jacket slings, escape zippers, and Gore-Tex. But watching these hardened men, honestly they're just wearing old leftover military surplus gear and leather jackets/vests which function more as armor/protection. I guess I find it a little presumptuous to say that there's a future where all fabric and fits are aligned with Acronym when honestly their work will only and always serve a particular subset of the populace. It's cute to imagine as a product/fashion/clothing designer scenarios where you've created a futuristic and utilitarian fashion that's gear... but in reality for most people it really doesn't matter. I'm saying this as a designer who relates to this design dilemma. 

  8. Rocked SIDIs for a good 4 years and loved'em. However on a whim I tried out the GIRO Code in all black and haven't looked back in the past 3 almost 4 years. Toured the California + Seattle coasts, ran around in alley cats, all day christmas shopping, and cyclocross races. Some of the most comfy and best performing shoes - in my opinion they're comfier, cheaper, and better than SIDIs. 


    Although if I felt like spending the money, I'd go with a pair of the Giro Empire  VR90s (wish they went all black on the logos/accents).


    Heard poor things about the Giro Republics and their soles which wear out super fast - otherwise I'd be tempted to go that route. Also heard the Terra Duros aren't great as far as performance/grip/wear goes on the soles. Dromarti is always appealing but unfortunately there aren't many sources for them. I'd go with the vittoria 1976 over the quoc phams - a friend has the Vittorias for probably 5 years and puts in way more mileage/abuse than I do. 

  9. Mission Workshop Orion Jacket - Size Small - olive green

    $200 shipped. International shipping can be discussed.




    Sad to say the jacket just doesn't fit me anymore. It's a fantastic "soft shell" with a slight amount of stretch and incredible features. Made from schoeller c_change the fabric membrane opens pores to let off heat when you're warm and will close down to retain heat if it's cold out. Regardless it breathed incredibly well and had smart venting (the bicep zip is in a lesser wear/fail zone that's easier to access if you're riding a bicycle. Ask me how I know.) Even though the shell repellency has lessened, the shell has never fully wetted out on me, even when riding 4 hours in a rain storm down the California coast. 

    One of my favorites but it just no longer fits that I can justify it.

    Outlier cycling cap - size "medium"

    $30 shipped / International rates can inquire/will be adjusted for




    Outlier cycling cap from back in the day. Some sort of cotton - really have no details on it since I won it in an alleycat. I don't believe it's weather proof - never felt like testing it since it's a dry clean only cap. Lovely craftsmanship from their milliner Victor Osborne.


    PM me questions/inquiries

  10. and sometimes tech gear isn't enough. I get sweaty always - i'm in fine shape but still can sweat like none other even in mild SF weather biking everywhere. Look into getting a front rack or basket - helps keep the backpack off and the unnecessary swamp back that follows.


    From cheap to more expensive:

    -wald baskets

    -SOMA/Velo Orange porteur racks

    -nitto m-18 rack with a wald basket zip tied to it

    -custom/Pass n' Stow racks


    Got a pass & stow and I can't go back to not having a bike without a rack. In fact, 3 of my 4 bikes have some sort of rack on them whether it's for a handlebar bag or panniers for camping. I even sewed webbing straps onto my rack so I can just strap down a backpack without having to use bungees (bungees compress/pinch down your load crushing groceries and can even pop off and tangle themselves in your bike parts, breaking the adjustment dial on your brakes. Ask me how I know.)



  11. Outlier refuse shipping to my country, so what another technical tshirt could be best for the heat? Thinking about trying Ministry of supply. Is it a big difference between merino vs some nylon/cotton mix?

    Also I need some recommendation on a nice backpack which would not make a waterfall on my back and underarms this summer.


    Merino is nice for most situations and doesn't smell from multiple wears. However for high exertion activities in the heat I often go with nylon/poly wicking shirts (no cotton blends). UNIQLO has their AIRISM stuff that comes out around the warmer seasons and has worked well for hot days, water hikes (don't wanna submerge/swim in wool and stretch the stuff out) in 90 degree weather, and the occasional ridiculously hot bike ride. 


    As for backpacks, something with a suspended frame/back is nice to keep air flow - check out some of the trekking packs from arc'teryx, osprey, deuter, and ortlieb. I have a bootlegger/scrimshaw pack from Boreas and though it lacks a lot of features/pockets/organization it's a pretty lightweight/fantastic pack for hot days on a bike where I need to lug things around and don't feel like showing up a sweaty mess at the end.

  12. Got thick thighs and it bums me out that Outlier will not be continuing the larger sizes. Anyone got a pair of 60/30 loosies in blue, waist 32 they'd be willing to get rid of? Got one pair of the dust olive and love'em... but wouldn't mind another. Also lookin for size 32 keirin dungarees.

  13. Anyone have size 32 OR 33 Keirin dungarees? My thighs/gluts are getting too big... and my waist is just barely working with size 31s. If you have flat or worn measurements, I'd greatly greatly appreciate it.


    And if anyone is interested in a pair of black dungarees in size 31...

  14. Selling an Outlier Storm King Parka (v2). Since I can't write better sales copy (and they have some great pictures of it):


    I'm about 5'11", 170 lbs, size 40 chest and this thing fits me well (fit medium for the most part now). If you're slimmer/svelt-er you'll fit fine too (probably 37-38 chest is fine). It has a low low back so if you're on the taller side, you'll love this. You'll also love this jacket if you happen to have long arms. I happened across a small and this extra small and the small fits me well, otherwise I'd happily keep this jacket. Probably the most breathable jacket I own with some fantastic details, great venting, and stands up GREAT in rain (rode with my other jacket in some rain for about 1 hour around SF and had no leaking). 


    Really really fantastic jacket, just really don't need two of them.


    $415 shipped. 




    I'm rarely on this site anymore, so you're probably better off emailing me:

    [email protected]

  15. An older model of a North Face Goretex outer shell. Great for skiing and snowboarding. Waterproof and blocks a substantial amount of wind, would make a great day to day hardshell for the upcoming winter. Worn literally a handful of times and was recently hand washed/hang dried. This sale is for the shell only.

    This is a generous cut. The measurements are as follows:

    -29 inches from shoulder (where it meets the neck) down to the bottom hem. it's a long one with a snow/powder skirt so you don't get snow in the butt

    -26 inches armpit to armpit

    when the arms/sleeves are extended:

    -34 inches from end of sleeve to the center zipper

    -9 inches from the armpit to the shoulder

    $60 shipped.


    Interested parties should email me:



  16. BMX cranks on track bike scan be fun, but I dont' recommend it. Just rode with a friend who brought out his bmx setup... the thing is such a weird beast. Note that it's usually used for playing bike polo and nothing serious (although he recently did a 20 mile ride with us)


    The cranks are basically attached with one bolt and for the amount of torque/force you put on them with skidding-- well he's basically stripped the bolt and anytime we were sitting around eating/drinking he would have to whip out a tool to try and retighten it. He's got a new bolt and is using some red-loctite, but as a semi permanent thing I wouldn't recommend it. He's not even skidding (his ratio is like 30-20 or something ridiculous like that) and it still puts a lot of wear/tear on the cranks.

    And yes those are candy covered grips. And yes the bike is called real talk. and Yes that is a Spingery downhill mtb 26" wheel. And yes those are platform pedals.

    Also another guy in CA and now Oakland who used to ride clipless pedals with sneakers. Guy was on another level though. He could skid (not Jamaican) and pull a variety of other tricks no problem.

  17. if you want a solid/versatile commuter that you can beat up and down the street

    raleigh one way


    wish they made'em the way they used to


    redline 925


    jamis (great bang for buck. seriously one of the better off the peg "fixed gears" for the street)


    the steamroller is definitely a great way to go (although the color turns most people off). fitting fatties for knobbies makes biking in the snow/rain actually fun/do-able on the east coast. I kinda miss the ridiculousness of skidding on black ice. I don't miss having your snot freeze, misblown-snot-rockets, and nearly dying every other day.

    but +1 on going steel. the frames will last you, ride well, and allow you to spend money on just upgrading to solid components and a really beefy bike lock.

  18. if you can get your hands on it, auto paint is a good/cheap/durable solution. it looks beautiful and coats on nice. if you can get them to load a can for you, even better. stripping down + priming is a must. clearcoat is optional but really nice if you care about your colors.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342