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  1. i want a girl to stalk me. hopefully a cute one, not really crazy one.

    you ought to be careful what you wish for kenny

    if a girl starts stalking you she becomes possessive (whether her conscious mind will admit it or not)

    her sense of entitlement may very well make for embarrassing public situations and cockblocking down the line

    stalking is desperation, which is great for a one night stand but unless youre into girls without autonomy, not for any long term affair (which presumably is exactly what she wants)

    if you indulge her even for a little bit, once you take that away her obsession will likely turn to hatred

    if someone is crazy enough to stalk you

    once you get her physically and emotionally invested

    she is probably crazy enough to break into your home

    i mean you could probably get a decent amount of sex with a nutso (which really may be worth all the repercussions)

    and if shes cute and youre clever about it you could definitely use her for +rep with other ladies

    but honestly if a girl is stalking you and you act on it, eventually youre going to get fucked

  2. awful gawi nul lim last night

    had a lot to drink but i didnt fall asleep until id sobered up some

    apartment was empty and i had a bad feeling before laying down

    couldnt have been asleep more than an hour before my touch and hearing returned and i knew i wasnt alone

    dont know why im posting this here

    growing up my korean friends were the only ones i could talk to about this sort of thing

  3. soul brotha no 1, i have to say that these muthas are baaaaaad

    these jeans are definitely built to last

    the only broken threads to speak of are over the hidden rivets

    the pockets, waist, and fly all struck me as tough

    while i certainly see them getting trounced over their tour of duty

    the denim, hardware, and stitchwork have class to spare

    i found the fit weird at first

    but it really started to grow on me towards the end

    i see a 2000 cut in my future

    but im not sure if ill go with the number one denim again

    maybe for the same reason i avoid girls who look like exes

    my heart might not be able to take it

    i am really happy for the time i spent with these jeans

    it happened to coincide with a very strange portion of my life

    more on that later though

  4. i walk with my feet pretty close together, so the stacks saw a lot of abrasion


    after chickster and me the combs still arent too pronounced


    the paint is still going strong



    a few more scrapes but still fairly bright

    i put some work into the crotch hige chicken cultivated



    i think we both dress to the right, which might account for the asymmetry

    i really think these will turn out beautifully



    indoor, post office, past week to be upped after classes

  5. thanks for the concern

    but no worries

    my kidnappers are total sweethearts

    took a few final shots of ebi-chan this morning

    outside my window where we spent much of our time

    perennial baggage




    wore a belt first half of the month

    but a steady diet of beer and fried fare fixed that before long

    ive come to really like the patch contrast



    chickens creation is still silky smooth

    they are still very dark

    but i think the indigo is loose in some places

    once someone gives them a wash i think they will be pleasantly surprised






  6. ive been pretty good about photos for the first half of my last week with ebi-chan

    i figured i might as well show our jeans new jersey while we're here

    naturally, our first stop was the mall


    here we are mere seconds before being asked to leave victoria's secret


    this was actually after being asked to leave sharper image


    here we are living our princess fantasies at the disney store


    our new pal guapo


    bling like blaowing at express womens


    a very poorly choreographed picture attempt at macys


    a candid shot of pure terror


    here we are with my old lady

    (get it)


    ebi-chan catches stares where ever we go

  7. i would have liked to give diddly a smooch along with the denims :(

    i suppose a lipstick smeared postcard will have to do

    sorry for the blackout

    i found the cable for the camera i've been using though

    here's a closeup of the patch damage i took last week

    cracks are a bit more pronounced now

    perhaps the lizard can heal its wounds with some good love (and maybe some obenaufs)


  8. also i confess that i took a detail shot of the patch damage on the dd+1 jeans

    i coudlnt find the cord for the cam

    so i took the card out and slipped it into the card reader

    but the card was one of those tiny duo ones

    and the reader in my laptop is old scchools

    so now the card is lost somwehre in my computer :(

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