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  1. disillusioned, if you are going for the short hair look you could benefit by going shorter imo

    maybe an inch or less all around

    or at least have the sides clipped and tapered high

    i dont think the lateral flaps of hair are feature-flattering

    ftb i am sorry to hear about your condition

  2. im more lib than con

    but i think that mccain is the most honest man in washington

    hes got my vote if hil-dog gets the nod

    anyway, imo spex can dress

    i dont agree with many of his opinions but he got some steez

  3. fun thread dis

    tbh im sure you wont need any help hooking cornies

    i expect you remember how impressionable girls in college are from your undergrad stint

    white midwestern underclassmen?

    every word you say will be new to them

    added bonus: white girls are 3000% less likely to hold a grudge / talk shit once you decide youre through vs. their asian counterparts

    if i were in your shoes id be more worried about finding some decent female conversation

    fucking's fine, but life is less enjoyable without a few women you can watch a subtitled film with

    then again i think i might just be a perv for those supremely gratifying friends-to-fucking moments

    anyway, what i mean is that hotties abound, but proper girls are few and far between

    maybe moreso in the heartland for a man with tastes as cosmopolitan as yours

    back to your original post, before going out with the intention of bringing back a blonde

    i like to watch the domestic dispute scenes from the biopic dragon: the bruce lee story (7)

    p.s. ive gotten dong-kun a few times too

    but only from yujahs trying to quell the deep-seated shame that comes of loving someone non-korean :(

  4. i like easter

    ive got all this guilt underneath

    the whole rebirth motif really does it for me

    took a powernap, but drove to church still pretty baked this morning

    i was seriously feeling that hallelujah chorus

  5. i crack my toes probably a dozen times an hour

    I have a bad habit of leaving things behind, specifically stuff I hold in my hands.

    its flabbergasting how often this happens to me

    on top of that im usually holding things in my hands in an effort to avoid forgetting them

  6. lately filipino people whose deep-seated self-worth issues manifest as a pronounced outward disdain for all things filipino

    while i dont think everyone necessarily needs to be proud of their heritage

    there is nothing as digusting as an uncle tom

  7. paging through "on the road" again

    fell down as i was straightening up my closet

    kerouac calling out to me i guess

    re-read "the stranger" last week

    spotted it in a coffeeshop bookshelf and didnt feel like going to class

    truth be told i didnt enjoy it nearly as much as i did in high school

    the nihilism espoused struck me as so crass this time around

    regarding graphic novels, "jimmy corrigan: the smartest kid in the world" was fantastic imo

  8. talib?/ i come at you with mablibs until im crushin ur almond sized brain you wack bitch/

    hard for you to rhyme when you aint bitin some shit?

    you some fruit thats gone bad, im still lightin up shit

    geodude? well im water my lines is super effective

    only thing wetter's yo moms while my dick is erective

  9. This thread feels like star wars the way i be attackin these clones/ rip apart their rhymes then proceed to crackin these bones

    oh you think you bad with these clones you attackin

    only thing bad is yo wild swagger jackin

    droolin on these nuts you should be wearin a bib

    leave the clones and the bones to my homie talib

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