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  1. stumbled home a few nights ago to find this


    i was in no state to photograph at the time

    but not pictured are a few delicious gummies and chocolates that really hit the spot

    below are the remaining contents of this bundle of joy

    one (1) love letter


    one (1) METS! pez dispenser


    eight (8) tickets to thanksgiving


    one (1) notificacion


    one (1) prayer book


    one (1) banana flavored condom


    (this one did not last long)

    one (1) mezcal worm encased in carbonite




    i will free her next time i am sufficiently inebriated

    one (1) designated raiser of roofs


    many thanks and many reps xh0llyw00dxx

  2. does anyone else consider morning after pizza the perfect canvas for spice?

    after the crust stiffens up overnight you can cover it with kimchee sriracha and old dry mom to your hearts content, while the cooled cheese prevents sogginess

    the heat clears your head of all that post-drinking congestion

    pair with one to two dry beers and you have yourself an excellent hangover helper

    on the fast food tip

    angry whopper is tasty

    no heat tho :(

  3. dear supertalk

    goodbye jetsetters and grown folks

    hello private schoolers who learned to wear raf on the internet

    i guess young blood is young blood to you, jezebel :(

    i still like you even though you let the teenagers take over


  4. I know that if I post this here, I'm gonna get a lot of smart ass remarks and comments, but I really don't care at this point.

    I'm playing with the idea of asking a girl to hang out just as friends, maybe possibly more down the line. However, I don't want to feel like I'm coming on a little too strong.

    This is mainly the idea basically what I'm gonna ask her the next time I see her.

    "You want to hang out sometime and maybe get a cup of coffee or something?"

    Is this alright or am I coming on a little strong?

    Again, I know that there's gonna be a lot of smart ass comments and other trash like stuff coming, but at this point, I really don't give a damn.

    what the fuck has happened to superfuture

    just because you need help eating with utensils doesnt mean you should start a thread about it

    "i really dont care" "i really dont give a damn"

    start applying this attitude towards girls instead of your posting career and maybe you wont come off as such a dickless nerd

    My friend ran it once on some random broad on the dance floor of a club, and he ended up dry-humping her in front of God, us, and everyone for literally twenty minutes. It was absurd but also kind of awesome.

    why the fuck would you go to a club outside of dry humping random broads (besides dry humping one that you brought)?

    to stand in a circle with your equally lame friends?

    to lean on the bar with your drink acting like youre too cool to dance (while everyone who sees can tell youre scared of girls)?


    unless you are rolling face that shit is utterly unacceptable

    the reason they play the music so loud is so that you have the chance to use your eyes and your smirk without words getting in the way

    You've got a preconceived notion in your head that you need to see her after work for drinks. Maybe your best bet would be to get her to meet you somewhere that you normally go. You mentioned that the guys all go out together for drinks, tagging along might not be the best idea, if you word it wrong it can sound like "can I come too" which clearly isn't the impression you want to give. Plus if there are other guys there they may try and cut your lunch, not sure how good you are with competition so it might not be a good idea.

    I think you might not have broken the walls with this girl though, as you've said, she is being shy. She's probably not comfortable with you yet, otherwise she'd have said more than hi. Maybe try and think of a way you can get to talk to her by thinking what you could do that would require you pass her area. I remember with my ex I used to buy $0.10 starbursts from the jar at the front counter (she was the boss' daughter) and she would always laugh about it, particularly cause I always bought the same flavour too (lemon). It got the conversation rolling and well, she is my ex so I did something right (she's my ex because her parents didn't approve). Point is though, you gotta make this shit happen and think a bit creatively, you can't always get there by bus.

    have you fucked anything, ever?

  5. i have been away for some time but allow me to express how grateful i am to have been a part of this project

    these jeans made me face and appreciate the idea of commitment for the first time

    a month may not seem long, but those weeks with the no. 1s forced me to take more than a passing look at myself and the life i live

    the lessons i learned pulling these on day after day have made me happier in all aspects of my life, from work to women

    ive not chimed in for a while but let me say that it has given me great joy to follow the journey these jeans have taken

    i want to thank everyone who made this possible:

    first gordon and the wonderful people at blue in green

    chad, matt, and everyone at evisu

    and above all the twelve of you who shared yourselves with me and these jeans

    maybe theyll let us wear em again, huh? :cool:

  6. yall fashion victims while my steez be murderous

    rep the dd+1, round the world bitches heard of us

    my flow suffocates like you frozen in carbonite

    once you thawed out your girl aint gon be so tight

    call her kenobi cause she handle my lightsaber

    your hand solo ass gets off peepin on neighbors

    fashion po gonna find you like mary kate found the joker

    stop, quit, give up, back to your hemp seashell choker

  7. a fucking brick. i loves me some womens as pale as snow, but nicole kidman ain't all that. she never looks remotely that good.

    i am going to have to respectfully disagree here

    kidman personifies wasp appeal

    mcgowan on the other hand is like a million overrated

    i dont have a preference but as its turned out ive only ever ended up with much fairer ladies

    i guess i am most compatible with the fragile type

    as for me, once summer hits i develop a serf status farmers tan

    i love the sun but i dont really care to be that guy who does everything shirtless

  8. 07/08/08

    Dear DMZ,

    I was just enjoying some frozen yogureuteu and thought of you. I hope that things have been going well. How's the new job? It is eighty-one degrees here and sunny! K.I.T.

    Your pal,



  9. lib i like your triple and quadruple posts

    they are the bk stackers of supertalk, greasy and satisfying

    ::desire to backhand increasing:: I proceed to...

    ::resists the urge to play slap-war::

    I have the answer man. I believe that you are not IN love but INfatuated. Which is one-sided and something wholly different: kinda pathetic (and faggy! :P (10) ). I mean that in a blunt and wholly honest way man, I've been there before.


    Superconfess ladies, how many desperate guy/gay friends have you played "guru-of-relationships" to? How many have actually gained control over their insecurities and frustrations from it?

    hey mas

    i was wondering how much you subscribe to the idea of man/woman relationships as power struggles in your real life

    somehow you dont strike me as that kind of guy

    after getting shredded up by a few bad gfs early on the empowerment of that approach really appealed to me

    but after a while i realized that that kind of attitude only results in a mess of womanizing and manipulation

    lately ive been trying to regain some of my vulnerability in my relationships with women

    i have found the entropy refreshing

    but maybe i am just a pussy :o

  10. my friends fiance said that my lips turn down when im sad. which leads me to wonder why he was looking at my lips...

    what the fuck, this is the worst post

    sorry suzie but the second you start thinking you're not "good enough" for the person you're with they can tell like a wild animal can smell fear...

    he wouldn't be with you if he didn't want to be so hold your head high and KNOW that you're good enough

    i do like the positivity of your message here

    but tbh there are a myriad of reasons to stay with your significant other even after the spark's gone out

    comfort, complacency, sex on demand, dislike/fear of confrontation, or even just sadism

    not to be a buzzkill, just trying to keep it ril

    definitely agree with the first bit though, there is nothing more unattractive than desperation

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