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  1. Denim Fabric For Sale

    Quality denim fabric including selvedge denim fabric available. Please feel free to contact me Suthee@chawlatrading.com
  2. Selvedge denim fabric for sale starting as low as $1.00 Fob Bangkok/Yards Minimum:200 Yards Paypal acceptable. No Lead time Cheers. suthee@chawlatrading.com http://www.chawlatrading.com
  3. BIG EVENT for Denim Lovers

    I will be there.
  4. Denim in Bangkok

    Just thought I will share my Denim Perspective from the market here. By the way Thank You Largo for your comments on the music background on the website.. totally annoying!! Anyways check it out again .. I've changed it and now you can also turn off the sound by clicking sound off ... cheers =D Totally disagree with the facts that all denim are fakes apart from Department Stores Brands.. I know this by facts that some shops do have original , over production , real second hand stuff from garments factory that are making for the originals...!! But also do not be fool as there are also several fakes brands, fake shops from JJ market to Siam Square!! If you are good enough then you will be able to tell then...
  5. Denim Fabric

    http://www.chawlatrading.com Denim Fabric For Sale
  6. Denim Fabric For Sale

    We do sell in small amount as well.... Cheers Suthee
  7. Denim Fabric For Sale

    Denim Fabric Available from basic to high premium fashion including selvage denim fresh from an old shuttle looms weave. For more information and collection view please visit my site at www.chawlatrading.com Registerd and log in to see the whole colelction. Cheers Suthee suthee@chawlatrading.com
  8. Denim Fabric For Sale

    Denim fabric available from basic to premium fashion including vintage selvage denim fresh from an old shuttle looms. To view the collection please visit www.chawlatrading.com Registered at our site and log on to see the whole collection. For any inquiry or questions feel free to contact me at suthee@chawlatrading.com Cheers Suthee
  9. Denim Fabric & Selvedge Denim

    Hello Anyone interested in denim fabric and selvedge denim fabric can contact me at suthee@chawlatrading.com. Rgds, Suthee (Denim Supplier)
  10. Selvedge & Denim Fabric For Sale

    Hello. Anybody here interested in denim fabric and selvedge denim fabric can contact me at suthee@chawlatrading.com . Rgds Suthee S. (Denim Supplier)

    I can supply you with denim fabric. Any inquiry or questions are most welcome suthee_16@yahoo.com
  12. denim in bangkok?

    I sell denim fabric in Bangkok. suthee_16@yahoo.com