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  1. Hello-

    Listed up are used Supreme fishtail jackets (size large), I'm looking for cash only (no trades). I'm hoping to get 400$ for each piece, but I'm open to reasonable offers.  If interested, send me a PM. My apologies for the sideway photos, I uploaded them from my phone via TinyPic and this is the result. I'll try to re-upload them sometime this week. 


    *I have the fur for the Wet Weather Parkas, I just didn't put them on for the photo. 2ywff3o.jpg 2eczxj5.jpg 2zindkx.jpg

  2. Do you have an instagram ?

    Would love to follow 

    My personal Instagram account is http://instagram.com/joshuadeovic. It's more of a life style account that I am trying to use to inspire me when I'm not going on hikes or wandering aimlessly on the weekends. So that I can start to take more interesting photos of what's around me. I just started it two weeks ago and it's kind of "eh" right now. But I'm hoping it'll push me to see the world more creatively and appreciate the mundane more. 

    But the pictures I have been posting is from this little "social (network) experiment" I'm doing on my own. I am trying to see how many followers and likes I can achieve without being social (no following, commenting or liking) nor promoting my account at all. And I only use four hashtags (photography genre, city or location, state and region) when I post a picture. So far I have three followers and the highest amount of likes I have received on a photo is fifteen. Ha! I have no real set goals for this "experiment", I just thought it would be interesting. 


    - - - - -


    TL;DR // @joshuadeovic; but it's not the photos I've been posting... nor worth the follow.

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