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  1. fast reply.

    im a true 28", but i tried a MIJ in a tagged size 26 and i couldnt even do up the first button :rolleyes: so im thinking i need to get a tagged 28. whats your opinion on this matter?

    i guess let me know prices for other 19cms i guess (in indigo)..

    I'd say go with the 28. The only 19cm indigo is the MIJ one, (since MII isn't sold in the US).

    Give me your email address and I can either invoice you or we can discuss this further, since I have size 28's on hand.

  2. In honor of Cyber Monday and the new version of SuperFuture, I'm blowing out a lot of Dior Homme for super cheap.

    Much like in my previous thread, there are two prices listed.. In conjunction with the Live.com/eBay promotion, I'm going to offer everything I have at steep discounts (meaning that the sale stuff will be cheaper through me than through Dior!). The lower price is for people in the US that can take advantage of the eBay promotion.

    The current Live.com rebate is 30%, and in some cases have been instant!

    The higher price is for people in the US that don't want to wait for the rebate, or for people outside of the United States of America. Sorry, Canada, that includes you. (Yes, I have to mention this because a lot of people have asked me if Canada is included when I say "the US." I'm serious)

    So, if you're in the US, and you want to save the 30% from the higher prices, I need to set up an auction, I'll send you instructions, and you need pay the higher price. You get the discount in the form of a rebate (meaning, it may take time. Most will not get the 30% off immediately). But either way you're saving over retail.

    If you want anything I'm about to list, please email me, it's easier for me to respond to than PM. My email address is [email protected]

    Now, on to the fun part. If something is missing a picture, it's either because it's a classic Dior Homme piece, and really, it's not necessary, you know what it is and you know I sell legit stuff, or I didn't get around to putting one up, and just ask.


    The classic 19cm black two button suit. The one that never goes on sale.

    Size 46 available. $1500, 1050 after rebate. This suit never goes on sale at Dior unless it's a size 56 or larger (yes, they go up they high).


    Raw Indigo 19cm MIJ Jeans, sizes 28 and up. $270, $192.50(!) after rebate Yes, you read that right. Raw MIJ jeans, indigo 19cm only, for well below retail. No, I can't sell you a 21cm, or a black, or a size 26 or 27 for this price. This is all I have for this price.

    SS 08 Grey 28 19cm jeans ("Word from the Bird")

    http://www.eluxury.com/estore/browse/product_detail.jsp?id=11656830 (but in 19cm)

    FW08 "Night Fall" Black 17.5cm jeans, size 28. $360, $252 after rebate

    The Start Black Patchwork jeans in sizes 28 and 30. $410, $315 after rebate

    Made in the Shade from SS 08, size 28 19cm $410, $315 after rebate

    Silver Clawmark Jeans from FW 06, size 30 19cm (MIJ) $410, $315 after rebate

    Shiny off white Jeans, I believe from SS 07, size 27 19cm $310, $238 after rebate

    White Super Slender 17.5cm jeans from SS 08, sizes 28 and 30. $270, $210 after rebate

    Grey Sheer 17.5cm from SS 08, sizes 28 and 29 $410, $315 after rebate

    Dark Blue Sheer 17.5cm from SS 08, sizes 27 and 29 $410, $315 after rebate

    Dark Grey Soft Inferences. Size 28 21cm, MIJ. $310, $238 after rebate


    SS08 White polo with black trim and white bee, size Medium $240, $168 after rebate

    FW07 Black polo with white trim and black bee, size XS $240, $168 after rebate

    Dress Shirts:

    Grey Dress Shirt with Bee, size 38 $400, $280 after rebate.

    F/W '06 size 38 Dior White dress shirt with black and grey stripes, and pleated fly front button placket $300, $210 after rebate.

    FW 06 Pique Bib Shirt size 38 $400, $280 after rebate.


    I have a Chanel Style Jacket in a very slim 46. PM me only if you're really interested and need a pic and want to shoot me an offer.

    FW 07 1-button peak lapel black blazer, size 48 $1250, $875 after rebate

    FW 07 five button stand collar black blazer, size 46 $1000, $700 after rebate.

    FW 07 one button tux jacket with partial silk trim on the lapel (from the runway), size 46. $1400, $980 after rebate.

    SS08 White Peak Lapel Suit, size 48 $900, $630 after rebate

    SS08 Beige Peak Lapel one button blazer, size 48 $850, $600 after rebate

    F/W size 48 Black Blazer with prints and silk lapels: $900, $630 after rebate






    S/S Size 48 Trench Coat: $1000, $700 after rebate






    Dress Pants:

    SS 08 Black Wool Dress Pants, size 44 19cm hem. $400, $280 after rebate.


    White prototype vest, tagged 44 but very slim. $360, $252 after rebate.


    B01 Trainers in classic white with tan suede and black stripe, sizes 43, 43.5, 44. $440, $308 after rebate

    The B18 in 40.5 and the zip boots in this thread: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showpost.php?p=827901&postcount=1

    The B18's are $360, $252 after rebate. The boots are $500, $350 after rebate.

    B44 in white with red trim, size 41.5 $440, $308 after rebate


    B55 in white with blue trim, size 40.5 $440, $308 after rebate


    FW 07 Black zip up western boots, size 41.5 $660, $462 after rebate

    Accessories and Belts:

    F/W 07 Black Armwarmers aka Ribbed Fingerless gloves (from runway). $130, $91 after rebate.

    Black D Point Belt, size 85 $360, $252 after rebate.


    All sunglasses are $140, $98 after rebate

    I have the Black Tie 50/s and 51/s, both available with either black or tortoise brown frames.

    And the following:

    Some pairs of Dior Homme 70/S glasses in black with flex hinges.



    I also have a pair of Black Tie 27/S in black. They're like the 70/s but the 70/s is matte and the 27/s is glossy black, and no flex hinges.

    First pair:



    2nd pair: comes with a second set of darker lenses



    Pair of black ties:



    Another pair of black ties:





  3. F/W 07 Black Armwarmers aka Ribbed Fingerless gloves (from runway). $130, $91 after rebate.

    Are the Runways Sleeves:

    This one...



    This one (in noir)...


    I believe their different lengths and such...or I could just be retarded...let me know...thanks.

    p.s. sorry I didn't send to email...but I wanted to upload photo's and if anyone else wanted to know the answer...

    It's the second one, in black. It only came in one length.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342