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  1. Where to cop cheap ysl denims?

    Yo.   :D


    Which size/cut/quality are you looking for?  I got some of the red line selvedge ($675 retail) in 19cm, but can get the other ones too.


    Wearing a pair right now, darker dye, better fit than my old Diors, unlike the silver Selvedge Diors which were a lighter color.  Really digging it.

  2. Hi can you give me the measurements for a MIJ 19cm for size 30 and 31??

    I hope to get measurements like inner thighs , calf etc etc...


    I believe those measurements are on the first page.

    hey man, what do you currently have available in size 28 waist?

    In 28 I have 17.5cm white super slenders, 21cm black wash, 21cm blue clawmark, 19cm light grey wash. Maybe a pair of 17.5cm sheers.

  3. How about some discussion instead of talking about sizing and identifying what is what...

    What is the change from Dior jeans using clasps to now using buttons? Did Dior Homme start using to all buttons with KVA, was the clasp a Hedi thing?

    Buttons started to appear on stretch jeans at the end of Hedi's era, with KVA it started appearing on a LOT of them except the raws. But this season almost all of the jeans are back to have clasps.

  4. they just fit horrible


    The stores didn't really want them, they came part of the basic shipment for the season, I don't know why they were made to begin with.

    But hey, in good news, the clasps are back on the jeans! And there's a very Orange Overdye looking jean for this season!

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