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  1. effohbeee

    FS: nudie thin finns 33x32

    you know cultizm.com and denimebar sells them brand new for $130 shipped.
  2. effohbeee

    Gucci Belt and Shoes

    YGPM for the shoes
  3. Do you have this one? http://photos1.blogger.com/x/blogger/7028/2299/320/743619/0159__1-list.jpg The one in your blog. If yes, how much? And what sizes you got? Thanks
  4. How do they fit? loose? straight or? Could I get some measurements pleasea, thanks
  5. Club Monaco peacoat is sold, and zara shoes is pending. Come on guys, 3 more to go
  6. effohbeee

    canada :: vancouver :: general

    I won't say overprice because when I was in LA, the price was about the same. But they were having a 50% on denim and 60% for cloth sale last few weeks. And they have their new Spring today. Their denim is ok but I picked up a skinny jean, i think its very good, the cut, fit and everything. Other style they were ok. But definately worth a visit because this is the only heaven's playground store in n america. and plus the workers are very friendly.
  7. New lowered price bump!!!
  8. Zara shoes on hold. Come on guys, this is pretty good price and items. Just give me any reasonable offer. These must go!!!
  9. pm sent as well, from picture I think its the oscar worn dark
  10. effohbeee

    canada :: vancouver :: general

    Where is this store? The one that sells japanese denim. thx
  11. Hi guys... I been looking for somethinglike this for a while but no luck. And I also like to they what are they called so its easier to look for them. Thanks