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  1. ... -Dont suggest ppl denim unless you own it yourself and have the personal experience... it's really irresponsible..


    I do own them myself, mate, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it.

    Also, the chart on the Rakuten site is one-wash, while the BIG measurements are non-wash.

    happy new year.


  2. they said 0701 slightly sanforized but isn't that true?

    zimbabwe cotton stretch very well my experiential

    when you wear it several days it'll fit on you

    sorry to bother you

    but can you tell us actual measurement of 0701 each part?

    I want to buy 0701 but too short front rise makes me hesitate.

    I would suggest you buy the 0201 and size down one. I mean, if you were going to buy size 32 in 0701, buy size 31 in 0201. If you look at the measurements, you will get a similar fit, but with a higher rise.


  3. agreed as well, western look on a wabash looks just off imo but to each his own.

    thanks for the info about bootleggers reunion shirt, will probably pick up the chambray trackwalker but contrary to what was said before, it says its cut slim instead of boxy? maybe its just that shirt though.

    and ordered the Buzz Rickson CPO shirt; cant wait to wear it this winter


    I have the linen chambray trackwalker, and, yes you're right, it does seem slimmer in cut than either the 'bakehead' or neal cassady denim shirts or the check flannel shirts. A lot depends on how you size it, of course. In any case, I'm sure you will like the fabric and the detailing.


  4. I don't think a wabash print western shirt is all that appealing. I think the wabash conductor shirt by freewheeler looks a lot nicer and seems a bit more genuine.


    Agreed. Since wabash (and Stifel fabric generally) has strong railroad associations, I would put the case that it works best as workwear, not western wear. But, chacun à son goût, as the frogs say...


  5. Let's see .. to answer one of the previous questions, I have a few Bootleggers' Reunion things --- a couple from last season, and a couple from this season. They are widely sold in Japan (I picked mine up in Chitose in Hokkaido), so should be very easy to proxy.

    They are not *all* wildly expense, many shirts are around the Y15,000 level if I recall, which is around 110 euros, or 100 pounds sterling. Of course if you paying with the US peso (sorry.. dollar), things can look different.

    Bootleggers were involved in some crazy trademark infringement Levi's repros when they first came out (hence the name). Also, if you look at their branding ---"Neal Cassady", "Union Special", "Stifel" --- you can imagine they probably won't get imported into the Europe or the US any time soon, unless it's by a shop with a big legal department.

    The shirts run about one size small, the trousers one size large. The cut is vintage (i.e. somewhat boxy), not super slim -- you could size down if you like the current fashion of tight shirts, but then of course you run the risk of short sleeves.

    The fabrics and construction are really fine, with lots of nice details. I think the "FortyNiners" website has quite a few photos and fit pics:


    Bootleggers also do some impressive-looking leather jackets, but I don't own any, so can't comment.


  6. By the way, I was on my way to Shanghai's first Japanese denim/ flight jacket event - Indigo Night. The guys from The Few, Fullcount & Lighting mag were all there. Pics of some amazing painted A-2's to come soon.


    Looking forward to seeing the photos! -- Thx for posting.


  7. American Classics probably has the best selection (that I know of) but their prices are crazy. Cheap to buy online.


    Agree with you about that. Also, I get the feeling the geezers in there could just as easily be selling apples, or copier paper. Maybe I'm being unfair...

    I don't get over to E2 much -- since I have a bicycle with gears and don't wear my plaid shirts two sizes too small, they don't let me down there.

    So many of the shops seem to carry a similar line (SDA, Sugarcane, Edwin/Lee/Wrangler) -- I keep hoping someone will add some completely new brands to the mix.

  8. AS you might know by now, Cone have been looking into this. It's possible that Cone might still have used synthetic indigo during WWI, despite lack f availability of th German product, via a Canadian supplier.


    It's quite interesting, because both Germany and the UK (and, from 1917, the US) circumvented war-time trade embargoes on many commodities through Canada. Besides synthetic indigo passing from Germany to the US through Canada, nickel (then virtually unavailable in Europe) passed to Germany from Canadian smelters at a time when England was already at war. They seem boring, those Canadians, but they are not.


  9. London has its own dedicated thread somewhere here on sufu -- it seemed fairly up-to-date last time I looked, so it's probably not useful to reproduce the info here.

    Ironically, though, I think there used to more shops in London carrying selvage denim five years ago than there are now. There used to be Michiko Koshino, Designworks, Duffer of St George, Oki-ni Saville Row, Edwin Neal St --- now these are all gone. Liberty back in 2002 was actually carrying Denime, Sugarcane, and others, but now has a very indifferent line, maybe just APC and PRPS. Kinda sad.

    However, there is still is Cinch, Interstate, American Classics, HD Lee, Evisu Saville Row, etc.


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