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  1. It’s going well. We’re a small team and it’s a lot of hard work. The effort it takes to produce 16 jeans is about the same as making 100,000. I understand the SF cynicism, but we’re definitely a different experience than Big & SENY. I know the store’s intimidating, but you guys should come in and see how a jean is made. In terms of customers – most are successful creatives.

  2. Recently picked up the Buzz M-65 (BR11702). Couldn't be happier with the purchase. The EG Field Jacket was also in the running. I'll post more photos in the future.

    I received the F/W 08 catalog with the jacket and its awesome, plus its bilingual. I just snapped a photo page detailing "The Gathering of Legends & Pilots". Buzz sponsors the pilots and legends.


  3. WTB: Nom de Guerre Plaid Scarf

    I realize this is a long shot, but I've been thinking about this thing for almost a year. Pretty sure this was from A/W 07. Made in Japan. I would be willing to purchase either size - regualr one or extra large shawl version.

    Alternative suggestions welcome.


  4. New York based denim brand is seeking a website guru to assist with all aspects of our website. Duties include preparing product photos, sending HTML newsletters, merchandising the site, updating the home page, and photoshop work. HTML, CSS, and design skills are a must.

    This role is freelance and will be for 1 or 2 days a week at our Manhattan office.

    Please send examples of your work to [email protected]

  5. Not to bump an age old thread, but I'm the one that got fucked here. I was looking through my old posts and found this. Anyway, I've sold countless pairs of jeans to members of superfuture and have never had a problem. I've even met most of you nyc guys in person.

    I know I sent out the Jean Shops ... so either the item got switched in transit or gmo bought them, switched them, and complained. BTW - I don't have non-selvage jeans. All my other orders were fine and have been fine since I've been on this forum including pairs of Samurais, 45rpm, Eternals, etc etc.

  6. Those leather tab thingys are slightly obnoxious.

    Perhaps new, but I think they will look quite good after a year or more. The picture 's perspective doesn't help.

    They're not 1920s, but they hold their own against 1930s and 1950s imo.

  7. Nice list. Kudos to GQ.

    Pre-distressing is an art.

    GQ has been loving the NS for years. Of course GQ won't rep a tiny japanese company that is only sold in one store in the us. They already featured (maybe it was Details) Blue in Green, Denim Bar, and SE which is good enought for me.

    On a side note, I've seen some amazing worn in Jomon's in the Conde Nast Building.

  8. Sorry for a "noob" question but what's the difference between a dainite sole and a regular leather sole? What's the advantages/disadvantages of a dainite sole?


    Dainite is fine in the rain, but horrible in snow/ice. The little circles get filled in with snow/ice and the soles become quite slick.

  9. ^

    I love SDA. I was disappointed by the X-28, but I like their line.

    Some of their more outlandish designs I ignore since I don't fully understand the Japanese retail/fashion market.

    At least once a season, they make one fugly piece. I assume that piece is produced on the Japanese version of "take your daughter to work day".

    As for the lht 003, I'm still unsure about the fades.. its a little soft.

  10. why hasnt studio been as popular as say samurai or flat head?

    Because they make ulgy jeans like the X's-28.

    Seriously, I think youll find a few pigboy champions round these parts.


    Why not as popular as Flathead?

    Flathead makes some nice jeans with some nice denim (5100xx comes to mind), but I don't find anything endearing about the brand. Next.

    Why not as popular as Samurai?

    Samurai has more fits, what seems like more exclusive denim (SDAs 21 oz jean shared fabric with a few other models from different companies last year), better worldwide customer relations, a bit more variety (Black jeans), and more limited editions (aprox 6/year if not more) and a newsletter.


    The real question is how much money all three companys made in 2006. Oink Oink.

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