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  1. add to that, if your trying to make a purchase, do some research. A select few on here actually spent their hard earned bucks, figured shit out, and posted about it in great detail. What makes you wanks think its polite to just pop in ask a dumb ass question, and vanish. contribute something please.

    ...for the last time please, please, please stop spreading the "sizing variance" trash. thats the first sign someone either owns no visvim or is just talking to talk. I've been into the brand for 4 years. im a sz 2 and sz 10. period. I've sized up twice in my life and that was by choice to get a certain fit. ide be happy to link anyone to any old Vis season thread so you can educate yourself and come correct. of not, spend your money and learn the hard way, even email the shops with your "How to size FBT like A$AP" Q's

    Please and thanx.


    Thanks for the help douchebag. 

  2. Has anyone in North America ordered from the Visvim site before? Do they mark down the value, or did you get nailed with customs and duties? Thanks!


    (oh - and I'd love some input on how Shamans fit compared to CP/Margiela/Nike/etc)

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