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  1. i guess they price their stuff accordingly to ebay.......so basically u pay for the market value plus shipping for the shoe maybe a tad cheaper but then u skip the hassel of doing it urself on ebay and be assure they are the authentic shizzzzzzz

  2. yo waddup Doom.....lol its me again. i am curison to know which part of HK did u hit up icon_smile_shock.gif. but you are right Carhartt in Europe is sick cause they operate differently. NA Carhartt does work mens clothing and Carhartt Europe is more like an urban/streetwear brand. none the less theyre are kinda played and killed in HK.

    but yeah nice to meet a fellow T.dot user, Doom. i'll be comign back soon!!! i had to register to post lol in the capsule thread

  3. where did u go to check out kicks?! u must only checked out the malls from retail chain stores..........yeah they dont have FL here but they do have their own chain stores carrying stuff FL does. Marathon, Royal Sporting House etc etc.

    if you know whats up, then HK is heaven for kicks compared to many other cities, and by the way ur from T.dot right?

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