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  1. ^^^

    the retail stuff they got can be copped at outlet/chain in the states for a lot cheaper.....................twisted prep trainers, safaris, blazers, delta forces etc etc you get the idea.

    when you look at SB i dont think they were selling for 140 a pop?! wasnt into SB either so someone school me on this

    bapestas were similar to GDFT if i rmb correctly? dont quote me never ccaught on the bapesta hype wiht those clown themed shoes..........just rmb hearing a freind saying they are 3 bills - 4 bills which is about what GDFT is selling them for?

    shed some light ppl

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  2. to my knowlegde, capsule never had a nike account?!

    maybe they did? i think paul knows matt ? oh well no one knows

    they were selling everything based on market value.....except for the stuff they got account for.

    i'll check them out for sure once they open to see if they have any new calleous stuff.

    p.s. i think ppl actually bought Bape stuff from there.

  3. yeah but i thikn once that happens then the less accessible stuff will get more popular twhen peeeps still start to catch on...........once theres a demand then i thikn accessability will be much easier........and when that happens its just gonna be somewhat mainstream since everyone will be on it.

  4. i think they wouldnt look as nice if thats possible to do it.....................you can try wearin them and folding the waist to ur suggested size and look at it in the mirror. i think it would make them look hiked up if you no what i mean

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