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  1. ^^

    cause those in the pics are the slim cut..............

    dude is prolly talkign abotu the loose cut.........i have those made a post about it last month asking who still rocks it............i came across them from the bottom of my closet while i was cleaing up.

    nice jeans, nice cut, still wear them here and then.

  2. Quote: I've already answered that question about where i get my 'papers' from... on page 14. scroll down and you'll see...

    I live pretty decent... i can't complain

    How is it funny to be a 'rich boy' ?

    its not suppose to be funny bro......j/p as in just playing since some ppl are humble about it and dont like to be called "rich"

  3. ^^^

    nah dont get me wrong nothing against those guys

    big ups to them for doing their thing.....pauls a cool dude

    just stating what "I" think and how the those guys actually started so thats why im asking ppl who actually talk to paul to shed some light...

    im sure someone on here can vouch for what i stated about ebay in a store..........i think it was Doom?

    aight dont rmb is aint that serious anyways.......

    all the best to paul and crew.....it'll be fun to see Otis and Capsule co-exist. thats what T.dot needs, more competition. i think it will work they both have their own ish that they carry exclusively. i dont think Capsule would be venturing that far if Markham wasnt doing them anything i'm sure they know what theyre doing unless they jut have that much dough to "waste" .......we'll just have to wait and see

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  4. you mean they were somethign else before Magnum shoes?

    becasue as far as i can remember i only remembered the prestage of Capsule whcih was Magnum shoes, Paul was holding it down by himself, then came along Capsule which he is in a partnership with some other dude.

    Magnum Shoes/Capsule = Ebay at a store before they got the account for aNYthing, xlarge , surrender, etc............you dont have to go thru bidding/watching/shipping/custom wait etc etc.

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