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  1. last time i checked they go for 50 + shipping which is a bitch to canada since its usually 20-25

    let me check ebay now before i lower it


    well one go for 30 but they are size 12s and another for 100+ which are a 8.5

    dont think too many rock 12s on the board.

    i will lower it later i guess and like i said price is negotiable

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  2. i wouldnt say the black/royal were the worst selling 1s

    i'll say the silver are as bad as those (not the JP limited to 1000 with the case and ish)

    black/royal goes as high as silver if not,often times more

    i'll rank the 4 GR reretrso in terms of value in this list

    black/red > navy > black/royal / silver

    again theres many more reretros tht year but i doubt u'll pay for those prices if u are planning to rock them

    the 94 retro 1 looks legit to me........but dont quote me im no expert in that ..i havent seen many that comes with those OG 94 retro boxs when it comes to fakes, but again hecan just be fooling you with a legit box but with a fake pair of shoes.............but lookin at the shoe itself, it looks decent.

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    Quote: Not hijacking but anyone know how much I'd pay for a pristine boxed pair of black/red/grey retro Jordan IV's at this point ? absolutely the best looking Jordan ever IMO ...

    you are prolly looking at 300-400

    Edited by tm on Nov 25, 2005 at 03:25 PM

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342