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  1. ^^


    so true........what makes her ass look good.

    i told her to get some dry jeans, and she insist on getting some 2XX PDC washed jeans.

    she said they make her ass looks fuller or some shit..............

    meh whatever!

    i stay away from clothes, i buy her accessories or toys (electronics)

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  2. do straight sven only come in dry SELVAGE? or do they have a dry version?

    looking forward to invest in a pair of straight jeans.

    would ppl suggest Rescues over these?

    heard their fit are prelly much the same...................want a straight leg no BOOTCUT. thats why im not thinkin of RR

    but yeah my main question is if they have any non selvage dry cause i got a pair of BB selvage not too long ago............dont wanan drop too much on another pair of nudies YET

  3. thanks canice

    just saw it on the way to dephic

    asked my friend afterwards and he told me that one is more for girls with sevens and those stuff

    just wondering if theres any affiliation with the one ppl posting on here about 120 shipped for new standards.

    thanks again canice.

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  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342