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  1. just wondering where to get whit echukkas in toronto?

    i tried searching online but they dont ship

    and places that do dont have white .................


    i am talking about Vans!

    damn cant change the name of hte topic.

    Edited by tm on Jan 16, 2006 at 10:36 PM

  2. ^^


    sorry.............well i really dont rmb. i assume tees and sweats?

    wasnt paying attention to the brand. just that the design and price on that piece i picked up was attractive enough for me to purchase it.

  3. ^^


    all the hate on "hypebeast' fit

    but yeah i guess thats ST

    you leave those outfit for NT, thats where appreciation of fit like that are shown.

    i guess the majoirty of ST dont feel those kinda outfit except for maybe witts, milspex

    oh well lol nothing wrong wiht the fit just not something i would rock tho.

    have fun posting ppl!

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