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  1. my thighs are not twig thin yet theyre not "hulk" big..............so its something in between as i used to bike a lot.

    and i like my jeans a little loose therefore im a 32-33 in levis depending on the cut.

    but now im looking for some slimmer jeans for wearing dress shirt or something liek that. so im just wondering if i can pull off the NS nicely or im better off with some straight leg jeans (sven, rescues).

    thanks for the input guys!

  2. just wondering where to get whit echukkas in toronto?

    i tried searching online but they dont ship

    and places that do dont have white .................


    i am talking about Vans!

    damn cant change the name of hte topic.

    Edited by tm on Jan 16, 2006 at 10:36 PM

  3. ^^


    sorry.............well i really dont rmb. i assume tees and sweats?

    wasnt paying attention to the brand. just that the design and price on that piece i picked up was attractive enough for me to purchase it.

  4. ^^


    all the hate on "hypebeast' fit

    but yeah i guess thats ST

    you leave those outfit for NT, thats where appreciation of fit like that are shown.

    i guess the majoirty of ST dont feel those kinda outfit except for maybe witts, milspex

    oh well lol nothing wrong wiht the fit just not something i would rock tho.

    have fun posting ppl!

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