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  1. hey here is a pair of like new NEW STANDARD for sell

    worn for about 20 mins max around the house.

    asking for 130 plus shipping.

    additional pics can be provided upon request.





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  2. was at Nomad today..................

    the black dude from TNT was there too.

    chatted with them a bit

    and apparently they are still in the negotiating stage of trying to get the denim in................

  3. ^

    jeans are not part of their collection tho?!

    and ppl say Nomad will get the jeans before

    theyre not getting them anymore?!

    o well just order it from the site lolol, im sure if Nomad does have it they will charge u the amount u'll get charged custom anyways?

  4. ^

    waht pic do u want?

    i have a pair im working on

    u just wanan c the selvage or waht?

    lol and arent you looking for nudies?

    now you're looking for APC too?

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  5. my thighs are not twig thin yet theyre not "hulk" big..............so its something in between as i used to bike a lot.

    and i like my jeans a little loose therefore im a 32-33 in levis depending on the cut.

    but now im looking for some slimmer jeans for wearing dress shirt or something liek that. so im just wondering if i can pull off the NS nicely or im better off with some straight leg jeans (sven, rescues).

    thanks for the input guys!

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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