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  1. anyone have pics of really worn in white patent leather sneakers? Wondering if the wear eventually on my ysl rollings will look good, i kinda want to move these but am sorta lazy and dont think i can get much with them with the wear already put into them

    homi what size are those ysls ill be interested depending on condition

  2. Stopped in to Goodfoot yorkville on my way to work last night. Zeb was setting up what he calles a Nomad installation. Basically a low risk way of spreading nomad stock into the other shop. Looked really good though, themed like a moving caravan that could be gone the next day. He's also got some more changes planned for the goodfoot space which seem pretty promising.

    didn't GDFT yorkville always had some Nomad stuff in there?

    Vis, CPs, APCs?

    Guess they're bringin in more shizzzzzzz

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