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  1. Sup_

    I spilled a shitload of superglue all over my two month old sammis. Now I have a palm sized superglue stain that wont come off and is the exact same color as a cum stain. I tried pouring acetone on it, putting it in the washer on warm, and scraping it off, but it doesnt seem like anything is working. I'm going to try rubbing alcohol next. Any suggestions?

    This is pretty awesome.

    Dude that sucks.

    Same shit just happened to me last week! I think we are SOL.

    I am just gonna grow to love it even though it looks like a huge cum stain.

    Funny thing happened was when it spilled I jumped up and tried to pat it down

    with a tissue cause it was smoking! Then some of the tissue got stuck on it.

    Thats some powerful shit.


  2. Sup_

    Maybe you took my comment the wrong way.

    Cause personally I wouldn't pay that much, but others might

    and thats no problem. I slept when they released on saturday so

    that is my loss.

    Like I said, I am sure you will be able to sell these anyways at that


    So if you took my comment as you ripping off others then I am sorry

    it was a misunderstanding.

    I see your post and I like seeing your post and you seemed like a cool

    person, so when you neg repped me especially just because of that

    comment it took me by surprise. Oh well.

    Free bump for ya.


  3. Sup_

    Yeah its a decent going price but still a lot for a pair of vans

    and plus considering the retail price.

    But its cool. No knock on you. I am sure you'll end up selling

    them all.

    But if one day you have a change of heart and feel like helping

    a fellow sufuer and decide to let them go for a lower price, ill

    take them off your hands. haha.

    Have a good one bro.


    PS. Thanks for the neg rep. I don't think it was needed. I was being nice about

    it but oh well.

  4. Sup_

    What the heck does "exeed" mean? Is it supposed to be Exceed? Unless its intentionally done that way.

    Hopefully thats fixed... and I voted for #1!

    Hmmm... so I wear a size 32 in PBJ X-005s.. are they similar cut?


  5. Sup_

    I was thinking it was a Graniph tee also but

    the one on their site is ugly.

    Oh well... maybe i'll just make my own. But

    if any of you guys find a site... LET ME KNOW!

    Thanks a million.


  6. Sup_

    OH SHIT!

    Thats freaking sick, seraphim.

    Even with it not finished it looks dope. I love that blue and the details.

    Hope to see the finished product.


  7. Sup_

    jimmy....dont think thats Rome...rome just borrowed his NT name i think.......

    Oh shoot.

    My bad. Thanks for the clarification.

    Sick tat still!


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