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  1. Yeah, those are definitely the quintessential Blind jeans, regardless of the embroidery.

    It was a great era, and I'm all for nostalgia, but some things are better left just for reminiscing.

    To each his own though. If you like it and want to wear it, who am I to judge?

  2. Not sure where it's made. Feels very soft though. Zip fly.


    Yep. Pretty unspectacular. For 50 bucks, they're fine. Probably better than other stuff at that price, but nothing special.


    Oh, and they fit really, really small. Tight legs, low rise. 

  3. If I'm not mistaken, I believe they have sewn in belt loops and the leather patch looks killer in person. Back pockets are riveted and good stiff, smooth denim similar to APC. The inseam appears to be around 34" so I assume its sanforized or simply meant to be worn as is. They come up small, though. You're in for a heap of trouble if you sized similar to APC. TTS at the very least.

    They are sanforized. I got the sizing chart before I ordered. Ended up going one bigger than I normally do.


  4. Good info.

    I ordered a pair sight unseen the other day. Nice to hear that they're decent. I knew about the lower rise, and that definitely threw me off a bit, but I'm hoping it's not too big of an issue. My biggest concern was that they might have been made by Naked and Famous and just rebranded for RBW. Seems like that isn't the case. How's the quality of the denim itself? Slubby like a lot of Japanese repros, or is it smooth like APC?

    As far as where they're made, i guess you get what you pay for. I figured they'd be better than APC, and similar to Uniqlo with perhaps more attention to detail. Yeah, it'd be cool if they were made in America or Japan, but I don't know of any selvedge jeans made in either locale that are less than $200.

  5. Supreme, today, is probably as big or exposed or well-known as it has ever been. But I don't think they've has changed their approach to the stuff they put out. The style and quality seems to be the same as it's always been. The past couple of seasons have been really solid overall, even if nothing in particular has jumped out as an absolute must-have like in years past.

    I still go for the staples and one-off piece here and there, but my overall inclination to buy many items has waned. I think, however, that has more to do with getting older and becoming more conscious of my spending habits than it is a reflection of the brand.

    Sure, there are probably more kooks and herbs wearing the brand than ever before, but that's to be expected. If that changes your perception of the product, then I think you gotta question why you were buying it in the first place.

    These days, I'm just surprised at the items being purchased and how quickly they're gone.

    For a while now, camp caps and other box logo stuff was gone in a matter of hours. That's nothing new. But more expensive, more subtly-branded pieces are going quicker and quicker. I feel like I've said that before. In fact, I'm sure I have. It just seems to be happening more rapidly every season. The higher priced pieces used to stick around nearly all season. Now, they're gone just as fast as a camo camp cap.

    Anyway, not sure where I was going with this. Carry on.

  6. I know this has been asked and answered dozens of times, but what's the story with Strictly Supreme? How do I get access?

    I feel like I had an account there in the past, and I don't know if it was deleted or I just forgot my password. In fact I know I did, cause some chump had my avatar.

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