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  1. Hi

    I'm a Sydneysider in HK this week looking for some great international or HK label jeans that suit girls with curves. Can anyone recommend a boutique with an interesting selection of denim brands?

    I tend to go for black skinny, high waisted rock chick jeans but they need to have enough coverage in the butt and waist area - not slipping down to reveal any love handles. A little stretch in the fabric is ideal.

    I am a size 10-12 and I know that is not always great in HK. But you huys have to have a better selection of jeans that we do in Australia. Yeah, you'll go "But, Ksubi etc." Whatever.



  2. Is it just me or Australia, but has it been a terrible year for women's shoes?

    I now have to buy my shoes online, which is fraught with risk.

    Everywhere I go there are cardboard shoes going for at least $100. What the? Maybe that's the reality of globalization. But even the designer end has not had a great harvest this year.

    Have you found any light through the 2008 shoe debacle? Let me know. I am depressed as hell

  3. Hi

    I am a Sydney based jewellery writer and will be in Paris in December. I want to dig up some interesting jewellery boutiques and boutique jewellers. I am not interested in the big houses but the places their creative directors go for inspiration - be it markets, art deco dealers, and emerging young talent's workshops. Where are they? Who are you?


  4. Yes I want to know too. Tokyo bars with atmosphere and where you can hear yourself talk; secret bars; bars Guitar Wolf might frequent; latin bars...

    I currently really want to check out Peppermill in Vegas though. Any bar with a fire in a pond in front of your seat has got to be worth visiting

  5. Apathetic fashion folk. Oh well, I can't say I'm surprised but it was worth putting the question out there. I was after young designers because I was researching a piece for an indie women's mag who's target audience is 18-25.

  6. Dates fuzzy but I'll try harder with venues

    Ozomatli, anytime!

    Latryx @ The Globe, Newtown, SYDNEY

    Quannum Spectrum collective @ La Scala. Kings Cross, LONDON

    Michael Franti and Spearhead band members, acoustic set @ Redfern Benefit, South Sydney Leagues Club, SYDNEY, 2002

    Brooklyn Funk Essentials @ The Jazz Cafe, LONDON

    Tina Turner, in SINGAPORE with my parents when I was a kid

  7. I urgently need a run down of the best bars and clubs in Cannes.

    Is Cannes got good nightlife all year round or only in summer and during the film festival?

    What bars and clubs are popular during the film festival?

    I am particularly after stylish venues, not cheesey Euro chic. Slick hotel bars are cool though.

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!!



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