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  1. Anyone know if NY has Champion stock? A few weeks ago they told me since it's a collab there was probably gonna be an email about it.... which there wasn't so I missed out this morning and only realized the sweats came out once I saw them online

  2. It's in completely working order. It was not used at all but only tried out in late last December (It was a Christmas present) and my gf just misplaced the charger. any Oem/generic 10W charger works with an iPad and if you prefer a new one from Apple is $30. I guarantee it's in full working order; it wasn't even used and it has full packaging etc

  3. CYC hasn't been making Supreme for a few years now. Just because it says made in Canada doesn't mean it's CYC.

    Well I didn't say anything one way or another about that... but whose blanks are they using... and sources maybe?

  4. word, i like the new clarks a lot. i really wanna grab a blue pair for the summer.

    those dunks are pretty miserable. i still think the original ones are fresh as fuck, it's... yeah, sad that they're trying it again. just ugly

    The 17 year old in me goes pretty excited at first and then I get my senses back

  5. I grabbed one of the navy herringbone 5 panels with the leather brim a few days ago. As someone who does clothing production for a living and who has produced 5 panels in the past, i'd say that the one i bought is pretty spot on in terms of production quality. Can't really speak for the rest of their products as of late, except for their made in canada fleece pieces which are always well made.

    Well they are made by Reigning Champ.

    Well actually a lot of the Supreme blanks, Reigning Champ, and Wing & Horns are made by CYC

  6. All the stuff they feature from CYC is my favorite shit and fall/w hoodies are great. I'm not that big on S/S either. So my other order shipped. I didn't realize that maybe there's just hundreds of orders in the span of even 15/20 minutes. I just never got any response... my card finally got charged today

  7. Well it authorized hastily because the card number and expiration etc were all right, just that the CSV was wrong because I remember putting in the wrong. A lot of times that happens on ecommerce systems. I contacted them about it asap before shipping but around when my first order shipped and the charge for it posted, the second order's charge went from pending to no longer on my account activity. Either that's something they couldn't fix or had no reason to bother because the hat was sold out anyway by the time they got to my order. They just took off the pending charge for it and that was that.

  8. Has anyone ever heard back from the online shop "customer service" ? My CDG order went in but I had another order that had a def wrong security code typo. of course it processed as if everything was okay and later all that happened, of course, was the that pending charge disappeared and the stock of the Tarpon was gone hahaha with no response in sight. So this is a warning; if you think some of your info was put in wrong and the order processes, it's because Supreme webstore is not the most sophisticated kind where it instantly processes everything. Let me know if blue or white tarpons are in store anywhere and if anyone can scoop one up for me. 10% for your proxy troubles or w/e the going rate is (no SS rates).

  9. Yeah no one on Superfuture ever heard of Dover Street Market before today. It's not like people weren't on here like 7 years ago when this had the layout of a bad geocities fan-fiction porno forum

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