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  1. Those 1001 SXX look to shrink quite a bit with a wash. My previous experience of Warehouse (415) wasn't a positive one after their first wash left them too small. 


    Beautiful freak - have you soaked only and not washed yet? I think I might be a size up from you so a 36 could be good and I don't mind a looser fit.

  2. Quick fit picture of my 0105 post wash (ignore color, it's off).  Just washed these back in mid September, and can't image I've worn them more than 25 times since, but they were so stretch out I need to wash them again.  If these would hold their post wash measurements, they'd be perfect.  As is, they're already stretching out after a half hour of wear.  Would really consider dropping down to a 35 on another pair of these (these are a 36).  Big truck, get them as small as you can stand them.  



    Ive decided against them setterman. The idea of stretchy jeans is not enthusing me.

  3. Bill_e_jean, you'd take a 33 or 34 in the 0105.


    JohnM, unless the 0105s are skin tight post soak, you'd probably go with a 33 in the 1101 too.  According to BiG's measurements, the two (0105/1101) are near identical in the top block. Okayama Denim lists the 1101 as roughly 1/4" smaller in the thigh.  I'm a 36 in the 0105, and wouldn't hesitate to go with the same size in the 1101.       


    How much does the waist stretch back out on the 0105xx, past the original raw size? If they easily go back to the original measurements waist and thigh wise. it's all good. It's the difference between a 34 and 33 for me. Something like this would be spot on:



  4. I feel compelled to comment on the 'piece' issue. It's a piece of clothing. A term that has been used for many, many years. As tmadd put it, not precious at all. Picking up on that when using words like amazing and beautiful is the ultimate in inverted pretentiousness. I wonder where a lot of people would be on the internet if they were banned from using the words amazing and beautiful to describe jeans. I wonder whether people actually know what the word amaze means. 


    I also give an honourable mention to their interpretation of the N-1 deck jacket, I owned the BRxWG version, and I have tried the MFR version, and I find the Iron Heart version to be far more comfortable and easy to wear and use on a daily basis. The other two jackets I could not have worn on a daily basis as they were simply too uncomfortable.


    Mega - that BR x WG deck jacket was way too big for you if I recall rightly. That is probably why you couldn't wear it. At least be balanced in your comparison.

  6. Why not give some examples of 'mere costume' Mega, come on, it's a debate after all!  ;)


    I don't think anyone could credibly quibble with the level of customer service Giles offers and the issue of costs is a bit of a none starter really, they are not that much more expensive. I am interested in the your reference to feeding frenzy and buying stuff and I genuinely think it is that (not a dig at you) which detracts from the brand. There is a level of hysteria from IH fans that is not there with other brands. It just seems disproportionate given the general jeans and shirts look - I accept that this is not limited to IH but, honestly, IH is more susceptible to hyperbole than most about the most insignificant of things.

  7. What's wrong with achieving a look? Isn't that what you were doing with your RMC deck jacket, watch cap etc? I don't mean that in a bad way, I really like that look. It doesn't matter if you aren't a 40s/50s naval man. If you like a look why not wear it?


    The point I made, if it needs to be made clearer, is that for all the over reaction IH gets, ultimately they make fairly standard flannels with not that inspiring designs and a ton of modern cut and thus undistinguished jeans. You can get that in a lot of places. From a distance it is little different to the type of shirt and denim you get on the high street. Close up, of course, it is entirely different but I presume that the people who buy have some interest in how they look. So posting close ups of the flannels does not really address what I said.


    No beef with the quality of it all or the people who sell it but if their stuff was a similar weight to other JP brands, where would the attraction/selling point be in the brand? Is the quality so much better than others? 


    Maybe the accessibility is it's strongest point. I remember when the IHUK site was essentially 2 pages, one selling 634s and the other being a couple of photos of faded jeans. There was the odd pair around here. The brand has done a great job of marketing itself outside of Japan so good for them. But from a design perspective, I think the clothes are sometimes underwhelming and some have a weird 70s trucker type vibe.


    Remaining as objective as I can because I prefer 40s and 50s stuff, I still don't understand the fairly rabid love IH gets in certain quarters. That said, I would still like to see the 634 line developed with some more interesting denims and a little bit more on the rise  :)