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  1. 6 hours ago, Rough Sleeper said:

    No need to explain yourself, you do, what you gonna do. Your cat tower is amazing though.

    Bruh my father is foxconn executive, why tf I should care?

    Anyway, i'm gonna leave for now, have fun


    Oh really? What's his name? My father may know him. 

  2. 1 hour ago, dixonschneider said:

    Curious if that means that we will see a new J1 release (or restock) in the near future. 

    Not likely if the production stays the same. 


  3. 24 minutes ago, eddyraddish said:

    let me clarify, i once sold on grailed to a buyer in russia and he claimed he never got it and asked for money back and i had no recourse with paypal. is there a way to send to a buyer in japan and not get stuck.

    Ebay has a international shipping service, where you send it to shipping depot and they'll do the rest. 

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