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  1. i've known nigerians who have made nicer looking sushi and miso soup then this. probably the ugliest rolls i've seen ever. the only mushrooms used in miso soup are the little japanese ones (nameko). you don't put nori in miso soup. you use wakame. shame on you, you don't eat miso soup with a spoon. fuck.


    i was gonna say that makes me not want sushi, but i think you said it better.

  2. does hot and steamy aim sex count?

    i think phone sex is where it starts being 'real' unless of course there was hot and steamy pictures being traded.

  3. Why dont you take a trip to Darfur and really try do something.

    These designs are crap. The morons that would buy them are probably people that keep petrochina in business.

  4. ^ yes.. i once flew a 7 hour flight next to a HUGE indian man. the guy needed belt extenders and everything.

    my friend and i had played rock, scissors, paper for the window seat. i lost, it sucked.

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