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  1. My only pair (although I want at least another pair of desert boots in grey suede). These are obviously getting pretty beat, but I love them, and the soles are hanging in pretty well:




    I keep shoe trees in them. I guess I could oil them, but I kind of like the rougher look. Anyways, just thought I'd share.

    I'd honestly stay away from oiling them. The color on them is really nice now. I oiled mine and they got a lot darker and don't look nearly as good.

  2. Looking for interesting cotton shorts. Cargo styles are good, so long as they don't look like they came from American Eagle or Abercrombie or some shit.

    I've seen a few previous season nice collective pairs I've liked so if you have some of theirs your looking to unload I'd consider it. Also, if anyone has a pair of those Cloak x Uniqlo I'd consider those as well.

    Basically looking for something slim or slimmish and interesting looking. I'd consider all lengths.

    As far as swim trunks just looking for something slim or slimmish and with elastic at the waist. AND they absolutely have to be brand new.

    Not looking so much for a specific price as I am looking for a good deal. I'm a 32 waist.

  3. ^^really? I thought they looked kind of crappy. I was kind of excited when I saw them on Zappos and bought a pair and ended up not keeping them. Unless we are not talking about the same thing. I got mine probably a year or so ago.

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