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  1. I'm 100% certain that is Jackie Chan.

    I had to check the credits for Entered the Dragon to believe it...looks nothing like him...good catch since he wasn't even credited in the original score.

  2. Hi all!

    Brand New with Tag

    Item: Uniqlo HEAVY WEIGHT Flannel Shirt

    Color: Green/black

    Size: XL 44-47inch chest

    Retail Price: $39

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    Reps: Dangydang

  3. I gotta braid, everyone always says to keep it out, but I can't. It's annoying and real amateur looking. Anybody can rock a fro, I designed my braid style - It's more 'me' specific.

    you should do it like Dhani Jones... short, and clean


  4. how does it feel? i'm about to go down the same path (well, cut short not shave), but i'm torn about doing it!

    just hair, it'll grow back...but it's great with short hair, up keep is obviously very easy. You can always look the part in casual or professional settings.

    I usually cut it off for the summer and grow it for the fall and by winter I've got a nice rug to keep me head warm...and by spring I can't wait for summer to cut it again!

  5. hello sufu

    the haircut i waited six months to get


    its short starting from the left side, then gradually gets longer towards the right.

    I haven't experimented with any other styling/textures yet. This is what it looks like the day after I wash.

    Edit: My left side...

    I've seen that cut quite a lot on Asian girls here in DC. Very popular with the hipsters (no offense). With a hair like that, ur saying to the world ur committed to being cool, cause you can't be professional with it...lol

  6. yup too short. 2 inches it's not going to stick down. grow it out

    I think that's the only thing i'm jealous of Caucasians, you can have almost a buzz cut and the hair on your side still stays flushed with your head, our's go straight out like Dragon Ball Z characters...

    btw, how long do i need to grow it...how long you think Leo's is in that photo? 4inches?

  7. leonardo-dicaprio.jpg

    what kind of hair products would i need to get my hair likes this?

    I have Asian hair so the sides doesn't like to stay down, it sticks out naturally (defines gravity)

    I've used clay, pomade, gel but nothing seems to keep it down?

    should I grow the sides longer? it's about 2inches right now...

  8. Air Mail is the cheapest using USPS. However, the problem with using USPS is that there's no tracking available. If you trust the person you're sending stuff to then you don't have to worry about it.

    Also, USPS have flat rate boxes for international shipping as well.

    Also, if you're sending something, mark it as "gift" and write the value low like 20-30bucks cause they have to pay taxes based on the item in the UK.

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