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  1. Hi guys, long time no post for me. I just bought a new pair of Samurai 15th anniversary left hand twill. I just want your opinion on the fit? I felt like take5 BKK hemmed it half an inch too short. That said, these are low rise and I haven't really broken in long enough to judge how it turns out.








    what do you guys think?

  2. Carrying these at one of our doors here in Manila. Managed to give them a quick look and they're definitely more modern pant than anything.

    The denim, unwashed, has this subtle hairiness that should be enough to whet a "looking for something new, transitioning out of the mountaineer look to something more designer upscale, denim head's" appetite.

    A bit sad though, upon feeling for the belt loop and finding that the lack of a bump. It's always a pleasant surprise to find that construction anomaly in the most random of labels.

    Yeah, the size 5 in Homme was the one I tried on. they soaked it first and then i fit it. i like that its modern and made with japanese seledge. just a little bit too tapered for my taste and like i said, they run short.

  3. I got to try one and the cut is modern in a good way. Sort of Sorahikos. Indigo seems deeply dyed and its Made in USA. I'm a big fan of his oxford shirts and the ways it is styled and I was wondering if anyone here own a pair. I'd love to listen to your experience.

  4. I was in Tokyo 2 weeks ago and got myself a 0905SP. Boy, these jeans are really nice. Deep blue, Zimbabwe cotton similar to Sorahikos in cut. Quite modern.

    Anyone got one that's been beaten up and broken down?

    Thanks! Been a long time since I've posted here.


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