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  1. I copped an Entry SG tee as a random add-on purchase on Denimio a few months back, loved it so much that I copped 4 more tees. Fabric is feels great & substantial and isn't too heavy or unpractical for daily wear. I actually prefer the tighter neckhole as they work much better layered underneath other pieces - you don't end up with that sloppy loose collar look you'd typically end up getting when you wear some jackets over your average tee. 

  2. -Paypal to confirmed addresses only + 4% paypal fee

    -Shipping is $10 to lower 48 states

    -International, please PM me 

    -Full measurements available upon request


    More pics available here: http://imgur.com/a/mGv8Q/all



    Our Legacy Overdyed Black Flower Bomber | Size 48

    This is the epic sold out bomber from SS 2014, purchased direct from Our Legacy.

    One of the best bombers out there, made from a textured Italian cloth.

    The flower detail is very subtle but adds to the textured cloth


    BNWT, 10/10 condition.





    w)taps Harrington Jacket | size M

    Another solid wtaps piece and great light spring jacket, the classic Harrington Jacket


    9.8/10 condition - worn twice. Bought in 2010 at Darkside Initiative and has been sitting in my closet. 

    Bonus: includes original wood w)taps hanger









    Neighborhood Bullseye Pants | size L

    Crafted from a substantial denim fabric with full of great details throughout 


    BNWT, 10/10 condition. Retailed at $330 at Union LA

    Price: $170










    Deluxe Texaco Jacket in Olive | size XL 

    Very nice construction made in a weighty herringbone fabric 


    BNWT, 10/10 condition. 

    Price: $200









    Robert Geller Stefan Pants | size 50 

    These are super comfy linen pants from a couple seasons back. 

    Very good condition, hardly worn. 


    Price: $150





    Luker by NBHD Western Front C-Tee in White | size XL

    BNWT, 10/10 condition, Retailed at $88





    Luker by NBHD Western Front C-Tee in Black | size XL

    BNWT, 10/10 condition, Retailed at $88





    Norse Projects Niels Pocket Fairisle Tee | size L 

    Very good condition, from last year 


    Price: $20



  3. switched from v60 to wave a few days ago and am loving the results

    are ridged coffee filters mandatory for the wave?

    i'm using a larger cone filter that contours nicely to the wave after some weight from the grind goes in


    also any recommendations on some good hand grinders?




    I believe I read on home barista that using filters not designed for the wave contributes to uneven extraction from the coffee grounds. The "waves" of the filter do affect the extraction so it's a good idea not to fuck up the waves when brewing. As for prerinsing the filter, in my experience it's not required when using the official wave filters but of course, your tastes may vary (FYI there has been a championship level cup brewed from unrinsed wave filter a few years back). 


    As for the best hand grinder for non-espresso, I co-sign on the OE Lido 2 - you should cop now as it will go out of stock again. 


    If you're ready to move on to the best of the best <$1.5k grinder for drip/siphon, you should check out the Fuji Royal R220 that's used in some of the best siphon coffee bars in japan



  4. For those who brew on V60s, I highly recommend the Kalita wave dripper. The brew it produces is much more consistent than the V60 and it's way more forgiving of user skill. My V60 is collecting dust nowadays



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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