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  1. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    you can try spamming their facebook page lol: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Richards-Clothing/152428121462925?ref=br_rs
  2. tate + yoko - the official thread

    guys, it looks like ironheartfan123 is in desperate need for a hug. let's help him out! here you go bro:
  3. Resume/job application advice

    what's your GPA? if you don't include it people will automatically assume the worst and that it's probably less than 3.0.
  4. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    twitter: https://twitter.com/FilleyOfSole facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.filley.9?fref=ts google+: https://plus.google.com/115976079382280220539/posts #rallyforebbets #killdavidfilley
  5. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    why don't someone email ebbets with the design and ask them if anyone actually ordered it? if no one ordered it then your answer is there. BRING THIS MOFO DOWN!
  6. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    i didn't even take part in the order but reading this pisses me off. if he's being genuine about the whole order, why can't he have the decency to just post a simple update here when so many people are asking about it? sure he might not be able to reply all the PMs, but a simple message on this thread would help ease everyone's mind. given that he can't even do that when he still visits sufu reguarly, something is smelling really fishy. doesn't help when he looks like a giant cunt!
  7. Resume/job application advice

    i'd be safe if i were you and just cut the hair. i mean advertising might be more lax in terms of their dress code, but if you need to meet clients i'm pretty sure having long hair might not look very professional. my advice is to just cut your hair short and neat before you even go for any interviews. you don't want to be dinged just based on your hair.
  8. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    he's using the money to release his new record. watch out guys, the next eminem is coming!
  9. Oxford Shirts

    4 out of 5 popcorns!
  10. The Android Cell Phone Thread

    if you're interested in custom roms, you might want to read this before buying an s4 http://www.androidcentral.com/cm-developers-passing-samsung-galaxy-s4-should-you
  11. tate + yoko - the official thread

    they look eerily similar to this shore leave camo shirt....
  12. Supreme S/S '13

    sorry bro, the scent of pretentious hipster trash turns me into a douchebag. forgive me for my transgressions.
  13. Supreme S/S '13

    lol bro, you're totally the pretentious hipster. damn those sneakers were based on a new order album cover? I GOTTA KOP! next time you'll buy a t-shirt with a baby's penis because it was based on a nirvana album.
  14. Supreme S/S '13

    do us all a favour and post a WAYWT with them floral sneakers. bring your "swag" and show us how you rock girl shoes!