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  1. Thanks for the fit pics, can I ask your measurements? And size of the jeans? Fullcounts fade quite slowly but the results are amazing (if they hold up). By the way they're 13.7oz and those 103's are 15oz.

    These are 30x34 (note: I've tried 3 different sizes to get the right one). The waist stretches a lot. The waist on the jeans measures 34" (it stretched). Measuring with the tape directly on my waist, it is 33" all the way around. It depends on the kind of fit you want, but I'd suggest sizing down. I first bought a size 32 and it was too big.

  2. Here are some pictures of my Full Count 1101 after one year of everyday wear.

    Before you say there's not much wear in it at all, I'd like to clarify that when I started wearing it, it was my intention to preserve the color and make the wear marks turn "blurred", without contrast. What I did was washing it twice right at the beginning, and then I washed it subsequently after every month or so. I like the result, although I expected it to fade a bit faster.

    Here are pictures of them new:

    110115om0.th.jpg 110116cj4.th.jpg

    Here are them after one year. I removed the end of the arches in the back pockets... but I think it looks good both ways.

    110101iq1.th.jpg 110102ps2.th.jpg

    Some details:

    110105ty1.th.jpg 110106fy8.th.jpg 110110ms1.th.jpg

    Me wearing them. These show the color more accurately:

    110112bc8.th.jpg 110113zt9.th.jpg 110114zz3.th.jpg

    They are quite comfortable and kind of thin (12.5oz I think), so it's not hard to wear them in the summer in Brazil, compared to my D'Artisans SD103, which are 15 or 16oz. They felt a bit cold in the winter, while the D'Artisans did not. I wore my SD103 in the previous year, but did not wash it so frequently, and the result was the opposite of these: high contrast and more wear marks.

  3. train tracks appear on anything. those look like regular levi's.

    I thought I had read here somewhere that there was a way of identifying selvage by the train tracks, but I may be mistaken. I'm pretty sure the last pair has hidden-rivets, though. Isn't that a sign of vintage Levi's, or at least LVC?

  4. Apparently the best cotton in the world is Sea Island cotton, with a fiber length of up to 64mm, and it's also the most expensive. It is grown in the Caribbean Islands. Then there is the top variety of Egyptian cotton (up to 44mm) and American Pima cotton (up to 41mm). Source: http://www.swicofil.com/products/001cotton.html

    Suvin cotton from India seems to be more or less the same quality as Pima cotton. Zimbabwean cotton seems to have a lower length than these, although still being rated as high-quality cotton. I've read it somewhere but couldn't find the URL anymore.

  5. They are regular fitting, the materials and the construction are great, the rise is not low, not too high either.

    Here are some measurements I took from a 1101 size 29 one-wash:

    waist = 29"

    front rise = 11"

    back rise = 14.5"

    thigh at crotch level = 11.5"

    knee = 8.75"

    leg opening = 8"

    Size 32 one-wash:

    waist = 32"

    front rise = 11.3"

    back rise = 15"

    thigh at crotch level = 12.5"

    knee = 9"

    leg opening = 8"

    Compare these measurements with a pair that fits you.

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