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    i'm going to be opening the store in phx,az

    Shiv i'm also fan of ryan leslie but more or his production then singing due to the fact i've only heard one song from him

    --- Original message by ksin on May 22, 2005 04:33 PM

    thats whats up man, hit me up on aim and i will def send some more songs over to you! ryans got fam out in phoenix, will have to stop by the store!

    aim: TheRidiculousGuy


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    Hello! I got my apc standards about 3 weeks ago. I got them in 28 (my waist size usually being 30) . They were super tight at the waist but they've streched to just about perfect. I had them hemmed about 4 inches but they are still long. I usually where them rolled up a couple inches. I've been wearing them everyday, it's totally easy finding which pants to wear. I fell off my balcony last week (long story) and a bush stabbed me in the leg, so now I have a hole in my thigh. I patched it up and it actually looks pretty sweet. Anyways, i'll try to post pictures later.

    --- Original message by mufasa on May 22, 2005 12:10 PM

    thats ridiculous. im almost jealous


  3. i was at the ubiq on 15th and walnut this evening and while on the 2nd floor by the mens dept there was a velvet rope that is in front of the steps leading up to the 3rd floor, anyone know whats up there?

    btw picked up a tshirt for 15bucks, going back for some sneakers this weekend once i get some money. if you are around you should def stop by, also had good stuff for women.


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