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  1. It's been a few years since I bought a belt, I love the black double prong Tanner I have and wanted to get another but I don't see them on the website anymore. Who makes a similar belt at a similar price (around 100 or so)?

  2. The easy thing to do is almost always the wrong thing to do. You've been thru this with this girl before man, you know that your relationship has run it's course, so be a man and end it properly. You have a lifetime full of other women out there to experience, get to it.

  3. Jayrock, I posted this advice a while ago about a similar situation. Heed the word of the brother:

    the world is full of cool girls to hang out with.

    the world is also full of weed connects.

    which one is in shorter supply where you are? act accordingly. profit.

  4. I spent my almost all of my 20's in a monogamous relationship. It was great at the time and I don't regret it, but in the end it ended really badly and I really went off the deep end for a couple of years. A couple of glorious, drinking, drugging, screwing everything that moved years. I do wish that I hadn't wasted my energy on that relationship for so long, but that's how you learn.

    Anyway, when you are in your 20's it's hard to really know what you want long term out of yourself, much less out of someone else. I would never discourage anyone from trying a relationship when you are young, but if you are on the fence err on the side of keeping your options open. Life is long, see what there is to see before you narrow your choices. And don't get married in your 20's.

  5. Jesus you guys. If you want these girls act like it. If they're introducing you to friends (especially guy friends) and you're spending Valentine's together, they're into you. Period. The thing that will blow it for you is acting like an indecicive little boy. Act like you have a pair of balls and persue the relationship you want, don't treat it like it's a delicate piece of china that will shatter if you look at it too long.

    On the other hand, if you don't really feel like you connect with a girl, don't feel guilty about it. Let her go, there will be others. You can't just keep a woman on standby because you can't face the prospect of not having anyone for a while. If you feel that insecure you have bigger problems to work on than finding a girlfriend.

    And don't let past failed relationships ruin potential new ones. Getting your heart broken is an unavoidable part of life, but you can't let your fears control you. People get hurt, then they get over it and move on to better things. Learn from your experiences and be wiser instead of wallowing in what happened or what might happen next time.

  6. a better way to break it off would be to not talk to her at all and just start hanging out with girls who aren't her.

    This is the correct answer. Move on, and when she gets done with "brian" don't let her weasel her way back into your life without really earning it. Never let a woman use you as the fallback.

  7. Puffy Pullover is one of those conceptually good, why the fuck would I want a pullover jacket that's covered in snow and soaking wet in concept pieces, easy pass.

    This is exactly what I thought, that thing will be a real life nightmare. Pullover jackets in general are a better idea than reality.

    I like the fishtail and miner's jackets, otherwise there does seem to be a lot of previously covered ground here. Curious to see what else is in the pipeline.

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