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  1. someone please give me a coles note version of the crap above that Some local Moron typed out and get back to me with the condensed version. There just ain't enough hours in day to read some bullshitter's spew. Seems the moron is panicking and just lsoin' his marbles. Slap on your adult diaper and go back to your day shift at payless, loser.

  2. Quote: hahahahaha... Yo hock do you just love getting sonned? Just slink away into a corner, don't come back further sonning yourself on your own.

    Nothing worse than a chump typing out laughter. It's the cheesiest move in the posting books ain't it? Right before typo commentary?Lame Dolo lame. Seriously, get some new material, some new bullshit and come back here.

    Keep it short and spicy, none of that post-grad wannabee bullshit you're known to spew all over these boards. 10 words or less if you can, but I doubt your little pea-brain will permit that kind of conciseness. Toss in a couple of 10$ words and some made-up-bullshit on some clothes you've "seen" around town and just fade out, buddy.

    I'm surprised at the amount of bootsauce you take around here and keep coming back like a

    bad odour. ..you really are a dolo aren't you? Shit, son....y'all crawl back here again soon, y'here.

    (i'm surprised you're not bullshitting that you knew the ramones or something....)

  3. Quote: No real thought went into it it seems.. besides having them say "Alife/Levis" on them.

    isn't that the point of this collaboration? if they fuck the jeans up beyond what they are, they wouldn't be 501's now would they? think, think again...then type.

  4. Fairey's clothing line is an extention of what he does in the streets. The moe people buy it and are seen with it on, makes his campain grow stronger. It might make his wallet heavier , but who knows for sure, printing and sewing costs for that number of clothing articles can't be cheap.

  5. everthing in that shop is pretty much sold out. there's nothing there most days, it's kind of like whatever's in the shop is "hot" so it sells out and hits all the auction sites at ridiculous prices.

    those stickers by gaukler and esm were pretty hot commodity there. nice.

  6. Quote: Hock i don't get it... Do you need a map or instructions for properly crafting a diss?? You seem to get lost halfway through it each time you try.

    a map to your ass? no thanks dodo, the stank off those supreme ass sticks is enough to kill several supreme haters. have fun making the map though, i'm sure someone will take you up on your offer.

  7. looks pretty nice to me.

    the ipods that mac did with jaguar may have been done by colorware, but i don't know if these were. nevertheless, you're also paying for a custom case made by rei kawakubo, so that in itself is pretty handsome.

    yakboy must have the eyes of superman if he can tell they were done by colorware just by looking at it.

    can you tell what songs are in it?

    Edited by mike hock on Aug 27, 2004 at 03:13 AM

  8. Quote: Does the stick up your ass have a Supreme box logo on it sepia??

    Wow, i didn't know supreme made ass sticks.

    Dolo you must really be "in there" with supreme.

    Can you smell it? I can.

  9. don' even listen to those pee brains. they couldn't afford the shirt if it bit them on the ass, and even then they would tell you it's too expensive and they don't need to wear supreme to look cool. the bottom line is, they can't afford it, they ain't cool enough to sport it since them and their clones wear mail order shit from armth and old navy.

    must be rough being a paper boy.

  10. vapors, like mass appeal is and has been played out for years. since alife bailed on mass appeal, the thing has been a roll of asswipe for chumps like raijin the gaijin chino-rama.

    want some mags, dig into Huge, Idea, stockholm now, hustler and MAd.

    don't listen to what played out chumps from yesteryear have to say here. i'm the voice of what's good, what's now, what's champion. you want the best, it's right here. don't listen to a couple of newspaper delivering mail-order clothes chumps. get the real deal.

  11. raijin or should i say "raisin"? dolo's papermonkey, stick to hatin' on supreme and plugging the shit outta armth and whatever else punk ass bitchwear you're sportin' chump. just cuz you're poor and light in the pockets don't mean you gotta hate on the good stuff. you're just a bitter biter with nuthing to do but bitch. no one listens to anything anyone who's chinese has to say anyways. you're all known for bitin' , rippin' off and just plain stealin. i'm surprised you personally haven't ripped off the kate moss supreme shirt. that's you're style, beeyotch, ain't it? just like the name you've given yourself...shouldn't it be long duc or foo yung? sheeaight b, geta grip and bust out some greenbacks for a decent name, lay off the old navy and throw a couple of fried rice in the bag for me, b.ride dolo's jock some more and get back to me. y'holler now, b.

    peace , chump.

    roll a dolo to your friend.

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