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  1. Bought and paid for a pair of y-3 sneakers of Perfectsky on the 10th of September, was told a couple of times the sneakers would be sent tomorrow, finally on the 23 of October I was told they were sent. This wasn't true however, had to take it up with paypal to actually get the sneakers sent. Finally received the sneakers on the 13th of November.

    Was given excuses about being out of town for the week, but that didn't explain the 2 months and being lied to previously that the item had been sent.

    Anyone puchasing from him should be cautious.


    yet you got your package, still havent close the dispute.

    either your trying to scam me of my money.

    what makes the difference.

    ppl should be cautious of this buyer as well.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342