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  1. thanks for the tips leon, i won't be needing them though since i'm bringing my Julius distressed nickelplated brass knuckles

    pussy needs brass knuckles. cant use bare hands.

    oh wow, like i care if they are julius brass knuckles.

  2. "rob and raymond should find this story quite funny. i wanted a job there anyway so once you're fired i should be set

    ps i would fuck you up in a second but i'm not looking for an assault charge from some puny little bitch"

    to scared to post up on here that you had to private message me that?

    *all talk

    you say there names as if there your good friends.

    but your nothing but a pathetic loser. who thinks highly of himself.


  3. are you fucking kidding me

    i'm 8" taller and somehow LESS skinny than you. is it hard finding mens shoes in size 6? i will slap you twice bitch. when's your next shift

    Raymond who the fuck hired this dumbass?

    more than welcomed come in tomorrow.

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