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  1. team3d

    wtb: dior homme tuxedo jacket size 44

    I actually got the exact tux your looking for, in size 46 Still brand new
  2. what i want is gunmetal frame with blue flash mirror and i also want a gold frame with black mirror lens (i know ray ban do sell black frame with black mirror lens, but i want it in gold frame)
  3. can anyone tell me who i can buy the custom made "taylor made" ray ban aviators ? i came across a post from an eyewear blog/forum & this guy bought a gold ray ban aviator with original ray-ban blue flash mirror lens with cable temple !! he told me the seller do ray-ban repairs & stock tons of genuine ray-ban parts i tried ebay & google with no help... any information will be helpful... thanks
  4. team3d

    The Eyewear Thread

    this frame is polo 4044, made in italy, size 52mm
  5. team3d

    red, Dior belt, sz85, $150

    good luck !
  6. team3d

    The Eyewear Thread

    i just got this limited edition ray-ban new wayfarer... it's matte black with mirror lens.....
  7. team3d

    The Eyewear Thread

    oliver peoples albert j, perfect fit for asian.......
  8. team3d

    FS: Dior Homme Sweater Hedi Slimane

    bump bump bump
  9. team3d

    FS: Brand New DIOR HOMME Hoodie

    bump bump bump
  10. team3d

    The Eyewear Thread

    Linda Farrow Projects x Damir Doma is not really a wayfarer, it's p3
  11. team3d

    The Eyewear Thread

    ray-ban's wayfarer is the cheapest made in italy on the market, unless you want made in china....