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  1. dude tried robbing me the other day.

    broad day light 2PM on the 7 train.

    i kept telling him i didnt have any money and he kept saying he had a knife. it went back and forth until we got to roosevelt and he left.

    figured that if he didnt pull a knife out on me after one minute of going back and forth he wasn't serious so i just kept stalling.

  2. ^^ il try to wear em but since I got my new pair, i really like to devote all my time to one.

    ill wear it when I go camping in august I guess.

    anyway I have an Oni tshit up for sale in supermarket.

    45 @ BIG, but I'm selling for 30 shipped its red with the oni graphic on the back, size XL.

  3. Yeah, I agree. It's violent with good animation.

    I also started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time. I'm about seven episodes in. I like it, but Shinji is so very depressed.

    I dled the whole series but i felt like it was running outta steam and got boring for me near the end.

    however others might like all that psychological religious stuff.

  4. make sure you guys look at the refurbished macbooks on the apple site to get it for cheaper, they still have the same 1 year warranty and might get a free upgrade if you're lucky.

    if you're going to do ps,cad,etc. Go with a macbook that has the dual graphics cards at least. i think thats the higher end 15 at least.

  5. I like the fit, comfy and loose enough for me (not too much though), somewhat like my Onis which I had before. Maybe it needs another hot soak? I couldn't even button the 30 up to the last 2 holes so I went with the 31. I guess I'm just getting fat and its making these stretch out.

    Before Hot Soak and Before Hem (yea yea i know im wearing slippers)



    After Hot Soak + Hem + 1 week of wear so far.


    (I dunno why the left side's honeycombs are like that...maybe my legs are weird or something - I was thinking of another hot soak to shrink it down more and to reset it)




  6. th_sn.jpg

    plain and ordinary. one of the few Vistax64 owners here I see.

    Vista was crap when it first came out but now if you make your own PC or buy from some place which doesn't put crap bloatware, it's really good.

  7. Wrinkles are because I've stuff them in my closet and haven't taken them out in a while.

    Same as above - Size Small - got small or I got fat - $20 shipped



    Uniqlo Gingham Shirt - Size Small - worn once - $20 shipped



    Keith Herring tee - worn once and washed - Size Medium - Size Medium - $15 shipped



    Uniqlo Terry Richardson series tee - same great condition as the others - Size Medium $15 shipped



    Uniqlo tee .... forgot the person but its a picture of a dude taking a pic of himself for all you wdywt ppl - Size Medium 15 shipped great condition



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