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  1. John Bull / Sewing Chop

    these r on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170149553242&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=007
  2. pedigree dogs

    greetings thomas we live between japan and the uk and have a half Chihuahua half Papillon dog which we bought from here (Japan) as the wife cant stand leaving here in Japan when we are in the uk the inital process getting her into the uk werent the easiest. briefly you need a microchip implanted into your dog than have a blood-test and then wait 6 months for a better explanation i recommend you read here http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/pets/procedures/owners.htm anything else feel free to ask
  3. What's the shoe of choice in Japan?

    Paul Harnden Shoes very popular with the fashion led in Japan. For the everyday def converse And i agree with DJRajio - Alfred Bannister not really popular..... Good Luck with the paper Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  4. luggage

    globetrotter luggage. recommend highly. Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  5. Another question for Levi's experts

    we got what you might want for LVC and RED and cheap too ;0) www.concept10.co.uk Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  6. need a haircut in tokyo

    try dAb salon in Daikanyama very good...but depends how much you wanna spend. if you want the address just give me a shout bless. Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  7. Shoes to wear with denim....

    Buddhahood Shoes the way forward for shoes with denim. Proper style. They actually own Swear. Jose you've done well....! Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  8. Vintage Levis In NY

    Hi there man, We got a few deadstocks and others available for LVC check us out if you want, we still working on the site, buts it is nearly ready. www.concept10.co.uk Baba Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  9. another question for levi's experts

    Yes, they are considering there options about LVC. www.concept10.co.uk Baba www.concept10.co.uk

    We've got some Nevada's, Indigo Immortal's and Spring Bottoms Also, many other LVC denim going online next week Bless, Baba www.concept10.co.uk

    Last life in the universe - Pen-Ek cant say his surname really good directer we think.. Sideways - I think its hilarious Princess Mononoke - superb In This World - great film from Michael Winterbottom Bless, Baba www.concept10.co.uk Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  12. We sell items on there, and on occasions buy. There is fakes unfortunately that are springing up more and more on Yahoo Japan..Its as has been said before you can kinda work it out if you observe the prices etc... Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  13. Tokyo nightlife

    If you like deep funk and 60's soul check out Searching run by Lincoln they have been running for a good while now and are seriously slamming there monthly sessions. Keb just played this month and he smashed it as always. Monthly sessions at La Fabrique Shibuya wicked club.. Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  14. What do you guys think of VANS?

    Madrid Fly was a great piece for the collection thank good i have kept some for the collection. But the best edition i found was a Vans that had been in collaboration with Coors the beer.... So many Vans....If you want pics give us a shout.. Its a shame about the production now. I just cant imagine wearing a pair now. The soles are just too chunky..Anyway.. Japanese editions are ok. But i gotta say althought i am not so much of a converse wearer Converse is better over there. Collectors we deal with always looking for the Made in Japan that is stamped in... Baba www.concept10.co.uk
  15. EDWIN jeans

    Just Seen the MHL range for this season. So i paid a visit to Margaret Howell Store in London. The collaboration with Edwin Jeans and Margaret Howell is a very nice denim jean. I would recommend this item. I gotta say MHL is a really nice diffusion from Margaret Howell and i am seriously tempted everytime i see it in a store. Industrial and simple check it. Baba www.concept10.co.uk