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  1. someone stole my jacket...

    yeah was on the side of one of the banquettes. weird because i was there the whole time too..
  2. someone stole my jacket...

    whats up been so long since i've been on this board... anyway.. was at snitch last night and someone got me for my black nom de guerre jacket, the one that came out a ways back. it looked like a members only jacket. was my favorite coat by far so i'm bummed but whatever shit happens and that type of stuff comes back around.. but wondering if u guys can help me out if u know of anyone else making a similar style jacket? i dont really want a members only jacket tho, just something that looks like one.. anyone know of anything?
  3. adidas store return?

    it depends on how worn. if you clean them up nicely, and the sales associate isn't too sharp you should definitely be able to.
  4. Recent Purchases. . .

    How do you like the Spruce hood? I got one in brown, it is amazing quality, quickly becoming my favorite hoodie I've ever owned.--- Original message by minya on Oct 14, 2005 03:48 PM I like it. Definitely one of my favorites too. I like the longer cuffs and the white trim on the inside. Plus the two way zipper is good too. Yeah, I'm pleased with it.
  5. supreme x vans x beinghunted's take

    the grey ones are great. there real rigid and are developing some sick creases. stretching has been extremely minimal to none. they're my favorite pair of jeans right now. i highly recommend them - you won't be disappointed at all. i took some pics but they all looked like crap. i have to try some better lighting so you guys can see the details.
  6. supreme x vans x beinghunted's take

    they're not clunky really. i wear straight leg jeans and they work fine. i bought the brown suede ones. i've been wearing them with new standards & nom de guerre grey denim.
  7. supreme x vans x beinghunted's take

    i was at the store on lafayette last week and the all black lows w/ the preforated stars were still there & all of the chukka's were there too. i didn't see any of the others though.
  8. Nom De Guerre - Arabic Lettered Hoodie

    i have a pair of the jeans, the gray ones. i'd recommend them & i'm real happy with them too. I also bought a black 5 pocket 3/4 length parka from there too. the guy in the store told me it's based off a french military coat. both made in japan. high quality stuff.
  9. card holders / thin wallets

    anyone know of any good business card holders? do they make them? i keep them in my wallet but they always end up getting roughed up and dirty...
  10. Recent Purchases. . .

    black 5 pocket parka by nom de guerre gray denim by nom de guerre navy zip hooded sweatshirt by spruce 5 dress shirts from club monaco (all on sale for 19 bucks)
  11. a.p.c. (jeans) nom de guerre (jeans/jackets) agnes b (shirts/jackets) helmut lang - if only i still could... might be able to find things though. a store by my house still has a bunch left... band of outsiders john varvatos (shoes/belts) surface to air (accessories) atelier ladurance - even though i've never seen this in person, it looks real sick. i'm definitely going to check it out when famous friends starts stocking this. otherwise i don't know... who knows. there's so much to choose from. too much crap in between though, i think i could spend weeks trying to figure this shit out.
  12. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    spruce navy blue zip hooded sweatshirt white club monaco button up dress shirt john varvatos brown belt nom de guerre grey unwashed classic jeans white fifty24sf low top sneakers
  13. Where else can I get this in NYC

  14. nom de guerre denim

    Word. I'll post some a little later, I'm heading out to dinner in a few minutes. They were 227.00 plus tax.
  15. nom de guerre denim

    Anyone have a pair? I just bought the grey denim they have... Preliminary reports are good, I like them.