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  1. presto718

    Ryokans and Onsens near Tokyo or Kyoto

    If you want to get your onsen on near Tokyo go to Hakone for sure
  2. presto718

    Anyone ever stay at Tokyu Stay?

    Yeah man that's how it is in JP they charge by the # of people staying there. A single for 2 people will be tight, you're better off payin a few extra thousand yen and get a double. Never been in Tokyu Stay but I have been a handful of other hotels and a single even for 1 is dreadfully small unless you staying in a five star.
  3. presto718

    Not-so-expensive-yet-cheap Hotels in Tokyo

    Yeah hit the weekly mansion. you may need a friend to help you book a room but it's best bang for the buck. There is no maid service but there is a kitchen. The size is bigger then a hotel single. The one I stayed at had a washing machine/dryer too.
  4. presto718

    Small luggage recommendations for weekend to week-long trips?

    MLC is the shit! Took it out twice once for a 9 day and then for an 11 day international trip. Packed a extra duffle in that piece for stuff that i bought abroad.
  5. presto718

    china :: beijing :: general

    No problem. I would suggest to make reservations for both restaurants. Green T. House No. 6 Gongti Xi Lu Chaoyang, Beijing 100027 PR China Tel: + 86 10 6552-8310 / 8311 The Courtyard Restaurant 95 Donghuamen Ave. 100006 Beijing +86 10 65268883
  6. presto718

    hong kong

    Go to "Dim Sum" in Happy Valley best meal I had while there.
  7. presto718

    china :: beijing :: general

    Check out Green T. House and Courtyard for some good eats, they both have small gallery space with in thier restaurants too.
  8. presto718

    What is your Wallet?

    Jack Spade card holder and tiffany's money clip
  9. presto718

    Bespoke in Hong Kong

    Heading out to HK and looking to have some bespoke suits made. Anyone have any recommondations for a tailor over there? Looking to spend about $500 per suit. I have heard many of the foreign celebs going to Sam the Tailor to get fitted.
  10. presto718

    Looking for a good tailor iN NYC

    Can anyone recommend a good tailor in NYC? I need a few jackets taken in and finding a good tailor by me is hard. Thanks! Edited by presto718 on Aug 30, 2005 at 08:42 AM
  11. presto718

    Excelsior Hotel in HK

    Has anyone stayed in the Excelsior Hotel located in Causeway Bay? How is that area for nightlife? I have a choice between that hotel and Kowloon Hotel located in Tsim Sha Tsui. If I remember correctly the Kowloon hotel is connected to the Harbour City mall. Which would be the better choice between the two? Also any recommondations on general nightlife would be appreciated. Lounges, bars, clubs, restaurants, ect...... Thanks!
  12. presto718

    Visvim in NYC?

    How much were the bags at union?
  13. Me likes Paul Smith Helmut Lang Costume National
  14. presto718

    Outlets in Japan

    Not in Kanto but I just went to Rinku Premium outlet in Osaka shopping there is ma-ma. They had some nice kicks at New Balance and Nike. Nuttin but crap in Beams, UA, Ships...... Do take a stroll on Marble beach though across the highway, berry berry nice.
  15. presto718

    Ueno (Tokyo) sneaker/clothing shops?

    LA Ave is in Kitchijoji