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  1. its been a while, but i usually send this to bud's heded to the rose city:


    Canoe (1136 SW Alder, Portland, OR) - books, blankets, homegoods
    Powell's Books (1005 West Burnside, Portland, OR) - books
    The Woodlands Shop (413 Southwest 13th Avenue, Portland, OR) - clothing
    Tanner Goods (1308 W. Burnside Portland, Ore. 97209) Leather goods
    Cal Skate Skateboards (210 Northwest 6th Avenue  Portland, OR 97209) - skateshop
    Compound Gallery (107 Northwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR) - streetwear
    Ace Hotel (1022 SW Stark St, Portland, OR) - hotel / Cleaners Event Space
    Clyde Commons (1014 Southwest Stark Street, Portland, OR) - food
    Shop Blake (26 Northwest 23rd Place, Portland, OR) - clothing
    Mountain Hardwear (722 Southwest Taylor Street, Portland, OR) - outdoor gear
    Rich's Cigar shop - newsstand
    Table of Contents (33 NW 4th Ave. Portland, OR) fashion, rare mags, home goods
    Snow Peak (410 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209) Hi-end, Japanese camping stuff

    Pine State Biscuits (3640 Southeast Belmont Street, Portland, OR) - food
    Stumptown Annex and cafe (3352 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR) - cafe
    Pok Pok Restaraunt (3226 SE Division Street, Portland, OR) - food
    Olympic Provisions (107 Southeast Washington Street) - food, bar
    Le Pigeon (738 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214) - food
    Biwa (215 Southeast 9th Avenue  Portland, OR 97214) - ramen
    Sizzle Pie (624 E Burnside, Portland, OR) - LATE NIGHT FOOD
    Canteen (2816 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214) - healthy lunch VEGAN GOODIES!!!!!
    Food Fight (1217 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97214) VEGAN SNACKS!!!!!

    Nationale (811 East Burnside #112, Portland, OR) - books
    Stand up Comedy (811 East Burnside #119, Portland, OR) - clothing
    Mississippi Records (4007 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR) - records
    Ampersand Gallery (2916 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, OR) - gallery. favorite book boutique
    Vita Cafe (3023 NE Alberta St, Portland, Oregon) - food
    Navarre (10 Northeast 28th Avenue  Portland, OR 97232) - food >> Fri-Sun B-fast >> get the bread and marmalade
    Heart Coffee (2211 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR) - cafe
    Beam & Anchor (2710 N Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97227) - home goods
    Mississippi Records (5202 North Albina Avenue, Portland, OR) - records
    Mississippi Studios (
    3939 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR) bar/venue

    Beulahland (Northeast)
    Red Flag (Northeast)
    Sweet Hereafter (Southeast)
    Alto Lounge (Southeast)
    The Slammer (super cheap bear > fun times) (Southeast)
    Lovecraft (goth bar, go here drunk on a friday and dance to the Smiths) (Southeast)
    The Cruz Room (Northeast)

    Multnomah Falls
    Sauvie Island
    Government Cove
    Cannon Beach
    Burnside Skatepark
    Commonwealth Skatepark

  2. Weird question. Can anyone recommend a good apartment complex and/or a property management company that can point me to some good spots to live within the SE? Craigslist isn't working too well for me. Thought I'd try here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. San Diego favorites:

    JV's Taco Shop (my favorite)

    El Indio (good tortillas)

    El Camino. Both Little Italy and South Park (novelty)

    Pokez (downtown!)

    Santanas (chain. but good)

    Las Cuatro Milpas (barrio logans finest)

    Bull Taco (Hard to find. Great Lobster Burritos. Best SD "Experience". Beach View)

    El Zarape (great seafood mex)

    Ranchos (North Park)

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