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  1. still not returning search results of recently inputted content and tags. this is probably related to ongoing issues with content and subscriptions. - when i go to my post history (find content --> only posts) there are no posts after June 30th? I can see the last 5 or so posts I have done (view profile --> posts) but nothing between the most recent 5 and June 30th. - Regarding the "supermarket" section of the site......every time that i search for "dior homme" in the supermarket, it will only show items added from June 30 1212 and before. I know from experience with Superfuture that people have to have added more Dior Homme since then, but the supermarket search will not show me anything new! I have completely given up! Is there anything you can do to help? I would love to continue purchasing clothing from members of Superfuture, but have found it impossible now because of the faulty results of my "supermarket" search. ++++++++++++++++ update 22 august ++++++++++++++++ --> we have tested, checked, re-checked, re-tested and re-double-cross-double-checked, however search and tags still aren't working 100% as they are supposed to. --> our server and tech managers are not specialists in sphinx and while they have managed to troubleshoot most of the setup issues they have hit the wall on the remaining bugs. --> we were advised to use a specialist sphinx consultant. --> quotes so far have been outrageously expensive - ranging from $2000 - $7000 for a 'performance tune' WTF!? --> we are continuing to obtain quotes.