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wish i was in



Found 2 results

  1. Since my jacket collection has gone a bit out of hand I’ve decided to part with some. I’m located in the Netherlands, prices are excluding shipping and Paypal fee. I’ll keep the shipping costs as low as possible, for Europe shipping is $10. Any questions please pm me, i get notified more quickly of any interest that way. Thanks for looking. Lofgren persimmon dyed vest size 40 - $120 [/url] Nudie Folke brown leather jacket medium - $220 SOLD Vintage Hercules wool plaid coat, no size but fits a medium/smaller large - $50 Atelier LaDurance Royal denim jacket, made in France - $100 SOLD Powderhorn Mountaineering vintage pullover jacket size Large, made in USA - $70 Knowledge Cotton winter parka size medium - $130 Vintage German selvage army officers coat - $50
  2. Up for sale: Engineered Garments Grey Homespun Wool Cruiser Jacket in size Medium, €380. http://mynudies.com/...ruiser-Jacket-M Atelier LaDurance Royal pants in Darktone denim, size 33x35, €165. http://mynudies.com/...yal-pants-34x35 Atelier LaDurance Royal jacket in size Small, €95. http://mynudies.com/...l-jacket-size-S For pics and more info you can also check my blog http://thekintaroand...i.blogspot.com/ Haven't succeeded yet in uploading pics in the new sufu editor, so these links will have to do. i'm too busy too sort that kinda shit out tbh. All prices are in Euros and include PayPal fees and free shipping within the EU, plus some other Euro countries, please ask. Payment via PayPal, as goods, not as gift, Dutchies allowed to pay with bank transfer. Goods ship from the Netherlands. All sales are final. For more info please pm me. I will do NO math on measurements from cm to inches and on currencies, that's a diy.