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wish i was in



Found 8 results

  1. charleslin

    Goro's XL Claw Feather

  2. Hi all, I am interested to sell some of my stuff, prices are slightly negotiable, but bear in mind they are inclusive of shipping and I will try my best to opt for the best/fastest/safest shipping method to get the item to you. More pictures and measurements are available upon request. I have more pictures to show you more details of the item, the forum does not allow me to post more pics. Pictures at the end of descriptions. PM me for more info. 1. Number (N)ine Jeans - This pair of jeans from this brand needs no introduction. It is one of the more popular pieces from a highly sought after collection by one of the top Japanese cult fashion labels. - Black - Size 3, Length 30 (Slim Fitting) - Condition is as good as new, hardly worn - 100% Authentic - Does not come with any tags. - Price: USD$ 600 Via Paypal, Inclusive of shipping. 2. Vintage LEE x BEAMS (JEANS & JACKET) - Selling it as a set. (PM for individual prices if interested) - Classic Denim retouched by one of the top Japanese fashion labels. - Washed Indigo. Note that the denim was sold as is and the wash/fades/tears etc are not caused by me whatsoever. - Condition is as good as new, hardly worn. - Size of Jeans: 30 (Slim Fitting) - Size of Jacket: S (Slim Fitting) - 100% Authentic - Does not come with any tags. - Price: USD$ 750 Via Paypal. Inclusive of shipping. 4. Handcrafted Full Leather Hand Carry Duffel Bag - Handmade and customized by leather craftsman - Condition is slightly used, but leather is still as solid. - Big enough to store just about everything you need for a weekend getaway. - Hard based, cloth-lined, 4 metal studs underneath the bag, bag is quite heavy itself. - 1 zipper compartment on outside & inside each + 1 main zipper compartment - Price: USD$ 250 Via Paypal. Inclusive of shipping. 5. GOROS Silver Feather With Original Beads and Leather Strap - Highly Sought after handcrafted accessory by one of the top Japanese accessories brand. - Condition is slightly used, have been in storage for long time, just need some cleaning up. - Approx 6.5cm tall - Comes with 6 original Goros beads and 1stopper bead. Color as shown in pictures. - 100% Authentic. - Does not come with any tags. - Note as per handcrafted leather and silver products, there are bound to have some imperfections and not due to mishandling. - Price: USD$ 400 Via Paypal. Inclusive of shipping. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/url] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Charts

    Goro's feather

    XL Silver Feather - 450 400 shipped.
  4. kaizokuou


    Have a few pieces all purchased in Japan. L feather $180 each Chain and medicine wheel $750 XL feather with gold heart feather $750 All prices in USD and include postage worldwide Located in Sydney, Australia
  5. * Prices, which are in $AUD, are just a rough guide – contact me with offers * All item located in Melbourne – local pick-up available * I will ship anywhere – contact me for a quote * Contact me for more/detailed photos * All items are guaranteed 100% authentic * Don’t post here but active Sneaker Freaker member for many years – see me feedback thread: http://www.sneakerfreaker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=17048 Goro’s – from Left to Right Bracelet with solid gold pendant - $449 - 6.5cm inside diameter, 4.5 cm top-to-bottom - Adjustable - $1115 on Cliffedge (sold out) - Used with scratches (can be polished) Feather pendant (XL) - $355AUD - 6.7cm - Over 10 years old, highly desirable patina Feather pendant (large) - $275AUD - 4.5cm - Highly desirable patina Feather pendant (medium) - $235AUD - 3.7cm - Highly desirable patina Turquoise sun pendant – $295AUD - $340US from Cliffedge - Unused Flat casting pendant – $115AUD - 1.5 cm diameter (eagles stamped on back) - $250US on Cliffedge (and sold out) - Unused Solid gold pendant – $349AUD - 1 cm diameter - $517US on Cliffedge (and sold out) - Unused Alife tee - Size: M - Style: lightening bolt/heart - Condition: brand new - Price: 55AUD Alife tee - Size: M - Style: camo logo - Condition: brand new - Price: 55AUD Alife tee - Size: M - Style: Tokyo front, Alife back (Tokyo store limited) - Condition: brand new - Price: 65AUD Stussy x Bape tee - Size: M - Style: sold out collaboration - Condition: washed once to shrink a tiny bit, never worn - Price: 75AUD Neighborhood tee - Size: M - Style: special edition photographer series - Condition: worn once, perfect - Price: 95AUD Comme Des Garcons tee - Size: M (but fits like a small) - Style: PLAY - Condition: worn once - Price: 65AUD Head Porter Plus cardigan - Size: M - Style: 100% woollen cardigan - Condition: brand new - Price: 125AUD
  6. 1. i only deal with authentic stuff. no fakes. 2. payment by paypal. buyer will pay paypal fee or send at gift at buyer's own risk. 3. item will be shipped out once payment is received. 4. shipping fee will be paid by buyer. 5. prices stated excludes shipping and paypal fee, which will be incurred by buyer. any enquiries please PM me or email me at [email protected] for a quicker reply. thank you. VISVIM 14S/S BALLISTIC, BLACK, BRAND NEW. PRICE: 670USD SOLD ITEMS: VISVIM CHINO CUT OFF GIZA. LT BROWN - fishcake2005 VISVIM GIZA HENLEY. LT INDIGO - [email protected] VISVIM INFANTRY SHORTS GIZA. NAVY VISVIM GIZA HENLEY. DK INDIGO VISVIM AMERICANA DECK FOLK - iamjacky VISVIM DEADWOOD CHAMBRAY LUXSIC - GANGURO VISVIM KANO CORDS - IAMJACKY VISVIM 73 FOLK thanks for viewing.
  7. Hi All, I'm selling a couple of very rare Goro's items. If you're looking at this, chances are you already know how exclusive Goro's pieces are, and if you want more info, feel free to PM me. I've been visiting the store in Tokyo for many years, waiting up to 7 hours to get in, to build up my modest collection. I haven't thought about prices yet, so please PM me with offers. Medium bracelet - Silver with 18k gold - Side-to-side - 6cm; top-to-bottom - 4.8cm; opening - 2.7cm. - Adjustable Medium Eagle - Silver - 7.3cm x 3.1 - Eagle pendants are the rarest of the rare - This was purchased from a select store in Japan, so I can't guarantee its provenance, but I have compared it side-by-side to other authentic Eagles, and it is identical Items located in Australia. Will ship worldwide. Thanks for looking!
  8. lv d0n


    FS: THE LEGEND OF HARAJUKU GORO'S BIBLE VOL. 1 SOLD A good review of the book : http://www.nagoyayom...volume-one.html Please no price offers as I am firm with the prices. Thank you. If you're interested, please email me at : [email protected] I accept Paypal only. Shipping will take 3-4 days. I do also ship international.