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Found 14 results

  1. seems we have an issue with members trying to login via iphone. not sure how long this has been going on for, but it's only just been bought to the attention of your leader. [me]. have informed the tech department and hopefully will have it fixed asap. if we can get an idea of when this first started to happen it will help - !! anyone? also let us know what iphone you are using. thx
  2. superfuture


    1. announcements hasn't been working since the upgrade. 2. checking rep totals on ipad freezes page. 3. [FIXED] many moderator tool issues. 4. [FIXED] links to social media row needs rearranging. 5. [FIXED] notifications and email on ipad off to left of screen. these skin issues are being worked on this week.
  3. getting reports of image upload not working and causing page freezes... can someone please give a technical breakdown of what the issue is so we can brief the techs... ie. what browser? what platform? what version? what type of file trying to upload etc. what are the steps to reproduce the error. thanks
  4. still not returning search results of recently inputted content and tags. this is probably related to ongoing issues with content and subscriptions. - when i go to my post history (find content --> only posts) there are no posts after June 30th? I can see the last 5 or so posts I have done (view profile --> posts) but nothing between the most recent 5 and June 30th. - Regarding the "supermarket" section of the site......every time that i search for "dior homme" in the supermarket, it will only show items added from June 30 1212 and before. I know from experience with Superfuture that people have to have added more Dior Homme since then, but the supermarket search will not show me anything new! I have completely given up! Is there anything you can do to help? I would love to continue purchasing clothing from members of Superfuture, but have found it impossible now because of the faulty results of my "supermarket" search. ++++++++++++++++ update 22 august ++++++++++++++++ --> we have tested, checked, re-checked, re-tested and re-double-cross-double-checked, however search and tags still aren't working 100% as they are supposed to. --> our server and tech managers are not specialists in sphinx and while they have managed to troubleshoot most of the setup issues they have hit the wall on the remaining bugs. --> we were advised to use a specialist sphinx consultant. --> quotes so far have been outrageously expensive - ranging from $2000 - $7000 for a 'performance tune' WTF!? --> we are continuing to obtain quotes.
  5. reported page freeze with current skype ad campaign... have tested on SAFARI and CHROME and cannot reproduce issue. need more feedback... let us know what browser. version. desktop or mobile. could be you're browser is using an old version of flash and that is screwing things. web traffic is busy today so suspect this is only an issue for minority of users... thanks
  6. supertester

    3.4.4 test thread

    some sufus unable to post... so this is the test... ------------------------- UPDATE... seems to be a problem for some chrome users since the software upgrade with posting and pms.... 1. try refreshing or restarting chrome. 2. clear your browser cache... chrome -> preferences -> history -> clear browsing data -> clear cache 3. make sure your 'change theme' link on bottom left page is set to 'superfuture 3.4' then do a test post or comment here: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/148591-344-test-thread/#entry2936230 that seems to fix it... uuurhk !! UPDATE. MAY 5 just received a message from another user saying they refreshed and it didn't fix - so there is still some other weirdness going on... IF YOU STILL CANNOT POST AFTER CLEARING CASHE SEND US A MESSAGE VIA CONTACT US FORM BELOW. [btw. you need to tell us if you have a problem - otherwise we assume an issue is fixed. in this case no-one has mentioned it for past 3 days... until now] -------------------------
  7. superfuture


    allrighty... so we have upgraded servers and everything seems intact... but if you notice anything not working the same then report it in this thread...
  8. superfuture


    READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING http://supertalk.sup...-bug-reporting/ this is ongoing issue. trying to resolve it still. more updates soon. also having speed issues, on general use and on rep
  9. CAN'T SUBSCRIBE TO THREADS there are a number of threads i simply can't subscribe to. it's haphazard. i've been trying to subscribe to recent purchases, for example, for a number of weeks now - it simply thinks, then doesn't subscribe. fail. 1/ is this on all threads? or just some - like the bigger ones? 2/ which threads?
  10. this is now updated so all MEMBERS can start topics in superofficial.
  11. superfuture


    FROM NOW ON PLEASE REPORT BUGS AS SEPARATE TOPICS ON SUPEROFFICIAL - SO THEY CAN BE CHECKED OFF ONE BY ONE ONCE RESOLVED. [uPDATE: MEMBERS CAN NOW START TOPICS ON SUPEROFFICIAL] ++++++++++++ 1. EACH BUG NEEDS A REF and TITLE. lets stick try to stick to a standardised title format IE. BUG 001 - GENERAL | BUG REPORTS BUG 002 - SUPERMARKET | 'READ' POSTS BUG 003 - GENERAL | SPEED ISSUE etc ++++++++++++ 2. NEED TO KNOW IN DETAIL RELEVANT FACTORS A/ description of issue B/ exactly when this started to happen C/ what part of site/forum D/ relevant URL E/ browser used F/ time of day G/ how many users where online at time H/ etc ++++++++++++ 3. NEED CONFIRMATION FROM AT LEAST 1 or MORE USERS TO CONFIRM ITS NOT A USERS LOCAL ISSUE. ++++++++++++ WITH A BIT OF LUCK THIS MIGHT HELP RESOLVE ISSUES FASTER.
  12. I had the 1st post on the Bug Thread, I edited my original message and it deleted the entire thread..So what more appropriate way to start a new one Bugs: Clicking on sent messages takes you back to inbox. Titles cut out half way, previously they would show the entirety..Might not be a bug but its not an improvement.
  13. superfuture

    OLD supertalk upgraded 3.3.3

    in case you hadn't noticed we just had an update to the latest version of our sufu forum software. looks like we need to tweak a few things here and there but it seems to be reasonably intact... though from where i am connecting it seems a bit slower than usual...? anyway you know the drill by now... please post anything that looks totally screwed up. in the meantime we will try to compile a summary of the upgrade when get a sec. superfuture1
  14. hopefully this thread will remain empty!