Ding Ding! Round 2   Double 0's New Years Quiz... don't get these all at once cos you'll only have some tired old Hootananny left to look 'forward' to...   1) Name this denim brand?   2)What car is this? make and model please   3) Around 2006 Sugarcane released a range of 'Natural Dyed' jeans using traditional dyeing techniques, name all 4 dyes used, i'll get you started... 337-Persimmon 312- 332- 342-   4) Who's this li'll sweetie on the left? he must be Just wakin' up in tha morning...   5) Who did this curly haired 13yr old grow up to be? the stone wash jeans are No indication...   6) Name this brand?   7) Which of our forum members has Sade as an avatar?   8) Name this game console?   9) Who voiced this animated antiques dealer?   10) Name this MDMA cook, genocidal maniac and all round bastard?   11) Name this denim brand? 12) Name this denim mecca? 13) Name please? 14) Name this classic arcade game? 15) Name please? 16) Who's workspace is this? 18) Name this filmmaker? 19) Name this animated character?   20) Tut tut! Who's this well dressed vandal?   21) What does R.M.O stand for?   22) Yearbook photo.. Name please?   23) Name this film? 24) Name this retail space/denim workshop? 25) Name this author? 26) Name this denim shop? 27) Name this skateboarder? 28) Name this brand? 29) Name this album  
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